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Reader feedback: Letter to the Editor

It is a bit rich of [Pavol] Hrušovský, with his record on taking action against Iraq without UN approval, or as an advocate of taking action against Cuba, to accuse Turkish Prime Minister Recept Tayyip Erdogan of threatening terrorism against the EU.

Erdogan warned rather of the dilemma Turkey would be in should it be left out of the EU. Many people warned in advance that the consequences of a US war in Iraq, which Hrušovský supported, would affect the stability of the region, and the current lack of stability has borne that out. Hrušovský appears unwilling to acknowledge that.

On Cyprus, it was Turkey that wished for a reunion of Cyprus, enabling the whole island to accede to the EU in May 2004, but in a referendum in April 2004, nearly 76 percent of the votes cast in the Greek south of the island rejected that plan.

In the Turkish north of the island, nearly 65 percent of the votes cast favoured a reunion. It is Hrušovský's friends that are trying to be awkward on Cyprus.

There may be problems about Turkey joining the EU, but Hrušovský is not highlighting those problems. Is it that Hrušovský is following instructions presented to him by the Vatican to reject Turkey's accession to the EU because of the size of its Muslim population?

David Eldridge,
Essex, USA

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