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Poll: President most trusted institution

A NEW poll shows that the Slovak president is the most trusted institutional figure in Slovakia, followed by the Slovak Army and local authority bodies.

President Ivan Gašparovič, inaugurated last June, is trusted by 67.4 percent of the population, according to the survey carried out by Slovak Radio's OMV agency. The survey was conducted from November 23 to 29 on 3,107 respondents, the TASR news agency wrote.

In a similar poll approximately one year ago, former president Rudolf Schuster earned less than 40 percent of the public's trust. The Slovak Army registered 65.8 percent, and local authority bodies 53.9 percent. The European Parliament was trusted by 45.9 percent, the police by 38.5 percent; the trades unions by 27.9 percent; the courts and prosecutors by 24.2 percent; parliament by 24 percent and the government by just 23.7 percent.

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