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No Slovak rescue teams for South Asia

Slovakia is not planning to send rescue teams to the areas hit by the undersea earthquake and deadly tsunamis, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry said December 29.

"We are acting in line with the request of Sri Lanka, the country hit
by the disaster, which asked for medical supplies, medicines and tents," said interior ministry spokesman Boris Ažaltoviè.

The spokesman said a government aeroplane with humanitarian aid worth Sk6.6 million, was on its way to Sri Lanka, and was due to touch down in the capital Colombo at about 9:30 pm CET on December 29.

Slovakia's public health authority has urged people returning from the area to immediately consult their doctor if they are suffering any health problems. The disaster has so far apparently claimed over 100,000 lives in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and other countries.

No infectious diseases have been reported. "People who are returning
home pose no public health danger," said the country's chief public health official Dr. Ivan Rovny.

Compiled by Beata Balogová from press reports

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