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Reader feedback: Teach the teachers

Re: Foreign-language level in schools low, Volume 11, Number 5, February 7 - February 13, 2005

This article hits the nail on the head. It gives a true indication of the level of English in Slovakia.

I believe a clear syllabus is missing. Individual schools are just doing whatever they decide. And there is no continuation from one school level to another.

The lack of money in the schooling system has slowed progress down.

Teachers need to attend seminars and educate themselves, but they cannot pay for these things on their wages!

The end effect is that, even after six to eight years of English, students are not capable of basic communication in English - offering directions to the post office, for example.

Meanwhile, Slovak politicians have increased the amount of money their parties get by 100 percent.

Education in any country should be given the highest priority. The country will suffer in the long run.


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