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Interesting landmarks

Bratislava castle - originally a Slavic fort built in 907 and home to Empress Maria Theresa from her coronation in 1741.

Main Square- centrepiece is the Roland Fountain and the bronze statue of Napoleon soldier leaning over a bench.

Old Town Hall- its side still bears a cannonball fired by Napoleonic forces in 1809.

Michael's Gate - one of four original town gates; check out the circle underneath showing the distance and direction to some of the world's metropolises.

Martin's Cathedral- 11 kings and eight queens were crowned here during the time Buda and Pest were occupied by Turks.

New Bridge- during its construction in 1972, two thirds of the city's Old Town was demolished, including a Jewish synagogue.

Čumil and Schöne Naci statues- The first is a man sticking his head of out a gutter, the second is a Bratislava resident known for strolling the city centre with a perpetual smile on his face. They can both be found at Rybárska Brána.

Petržalka - the enormous housing estate, or "concrete jungle" on the right bank of the Danube. A great view of Petržalka can be had from Bratislava castle, particularly at night.

Slavín - large monument on a hill built in honour of 7,000 Russian soldiers killed while liberating Bratislava in World War II.

Eating green or fast

Vegetariánska reštaurácia- a popular vegetarian cafeteria with a large and innovative menu on offer at Laurinská 8.

Góvinda - also cafeteria-style but in a restaurant-like setting with a daily special at Obchodná 30. Tasty Indian-style food.

Teta - lunch buffet and cafeteria in the Teta grocery store at Dunajská 2.

Stará tržnica- Old Market offering baguettes, pancakes with sweet or salty fillings, lokšas (oily potato pancakes) with duck, sauerkraut, and poppy-seed fillings, cakes and fresh pastries.

Bagel & Coffee Story- fresh bagel sandwiches, Štúrova 13.

Parlamentka - cheap restaurant near the parliament building at Mudroňova 1 - a stone's throw from Bratislava castle.

Important Web pages

Official Bush-Putin summit site - www.slovakiasummit.com

Official Bratislava website - www.bratislava.sk

Slovak Tourist Board - www.sacr.sk

List of Slovak companies and non-commercial organizations - www.greenpages.sk

The Slovak Spectator - www.slovakspectator.sk

Seeking quiet

Next Apache- café and English bookstore at Panenská 28.

Café Malewill- cosy little cafe, Uršulínska 9 (next to Bratislava Information Service).

Radnička - cozy non-smoking cafe with obliging service in the Old Town Hall courtyard.

Beer drinking

There are many places on Hviezdoslavovo Square (17's, Verne, Slang). Here are some tips off the square:

Gremium restaurant - Gorkého 11.

Trafená hus- Šafárikovo námestie 7.

The Dubliner Irish Pub- Sedlárska 6.

Slovak Pub- Obchodná 62.

Wine tasting

As a region with a rich wine tradition, Bratislava and its surroundings are peppered with wine cellars. A popular project that joins them together is the Small-Carpathian Wine Route that starts in Bratislava and ends in Trnava. One of the most well-known cellars on the route is the 500-year-old vault in Častá, at the house of the influential Fuggers family, the businessmen and bankers who used to own the nearby Červený Kameň ca stle. To obtain the map showing the project's 28 adjoined towns and villages see www.mvc.sk or contact the Malokarpatské osvetové stredisko (Small-Carpathian Educational Centre) in Modra at 033/6433-489.

Wine tasting in the city centre:

Vinotéka Svätého Urbana- Klobučnícka 4.

Vinotéka Trunk- Hurbanovo námestie 8.

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