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8-year-old attempts suicide
Silver coins unearthed
Mother of four comatose
9,000 chickens suffocate on farm
Thieves cause water outage
Bridge construction reveals thermal spring

8-year-old attempts suicide

AN 8-year-old girl from the village of Sucháň near Veľký Krtíš was taken to a Banská Bystrica hospital after she attempted suicide by hanging on February 10.
The head physician, Svetozár Dluholucký, described her condition as critical, requiring neuro-intensive care. There may be brain damage due to oxygen deprivation, he said.
The girl was being kept in an artificially induced coma.
Police are investigating the tragedy but officials refuse to provide details, in view of the patient's age.
According to an unnamed source the TASR news agency reported that the girl - one of five children - wanted to commit suicide after arguing with her brother over a bicycle. The girl was found in the attic by her grandmother on the evening of February 10 and was transported to the hospital by a helicopter.

Svätý Jur
Silver coins unearthed

A TREASURE of around 850 silver coins wrapped in a linen bag was found in the village of Svätý Jur near Bratislava.
Among smaller coins archaeologists also found one larger coin measuring 4.1 centimetres, according to the TASR news agency.
The coins come from Saxony, Austro-Hungary, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Bohemia and other states. They date from the end of the 15th to the beginning of the 17th century.
"It is a very precious treasure. Of great interest to numismatists," said Peter Nagy from the local Archaeological Museum.
The intricate details on the coins make the find even more interesting. Various coats of arms, portraits of rulers, and other images are carved onto them.
"We only found two coins that were identical," Nagy said.
It is believed that the last owner of the treasure was probably a travelling merchant or a wealthy person who hid the coins from the Turks or other invaders.
The coins will be cleaned and sorted and later be exhibited in the Archaeological Museum.

Mother of four comatose

MORE than one year ago 38-year-old Mária Ivanecká from the village of Obišovce near Košice fell into a coma. Her condition has never improved.
The mother of four does not communicate and only reacts to painful stimuli. Her family is losing hope, according to the daily SME.
"I am still waiting to see what happens. In my soul I hope that my wife will wake up although the doctors themselves do not see much hope of that. I try to live with it, me and my children too, because there's nothing else left. The boys are always asking about mum but this year they have been through a lot and understood many things," said husband Juraj Ivanecký, 37.
Last year on January 24 he drove his wife who was then pregnant in the fifth month, to the Faculty Hospital in Košice.
Due to complications resulting in heavy bleeding Mária Ivanecká had to have a Caesarean section. The baby girl lived only a few hours and the bleeding did not stop.
Twelve hours later doctors performed a hysterectomy. However, Ivanecká lost too much blood and her brain concussed, probably causing brain damage, and she fell into a coma.
"The first six months were the hardest for me. I did not even want to live. But as time goes on you get used to it," Ivanecká's sister Mária, who works as a nurse and sees her sister almost every day, told SME.

Veľká Ida
9,000 chickens suffocate on farm

AROUND 9,000 chickens suffocated in a fully automated farm in Veľká Ida near Košice.
According to the TASR news agency, the chickens died during the night from February 8 to February 9.
Mold Trade, the company which owns the farm, estimated the damage at Sk450,000 (€11,800).
Police experts were called to the farm to find out the cause of the accident. According to TASR the most likely reason was a technical failure in the hall's air system.
Police are continuing their investigations.

Thieves cause water outage

A TOTAL of 830 inhabitants in the southeastern Slovak village of Čerhov were left without drinking water after unknown thieves stole and damaged parts of the local water pipe system, the daily SME reported.
Caps and seals on the pipes broke, causing floods in some basements.
Problems were also reported from other neighbouring villages, which connected to the same pipes system.
The repairs took several days during which local schools were closed.

Bridge construction reveals thermal spring

DURING the building of the fifth bridge across the Danube River in Bratislava workers found a 30-degree Celsius spring.
According to the Nový Čas daily, the thermal water was discovered during the construction works on the 10th pillar of the bridge. The pillar is situated in the Danube River bed.
Ladislav Csáder, head of the construction company Metro, confirmed the information.
"The water was 30 degrees and sprang from a depth of 10 metres. We were worried that the mineral substances could damage the concrete of the pillar but an expert assured us that the mineral water is not dangerous," said Csáder.
The fifth bridge across the Danube River could be completed and opened for public by late August or early September.

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