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Danube green area destroyed

NO MORE trees wanted, this area by the Danube is being "developed".
photo: TASR

THE CAPITAL lost another green area after woodcutters sawed down 243 trees and umpteen bushes on Bratislava's Danube River bank close to the PKO culture arena.
Ironically, the action was taken to make way for a multifunctional complex called River Park, the Nový Čas daily wrote. Environmentalists could do nothing to prevent the destruction.
"Investors are abusing the fact that some green areas are not well-kept. They say that they will improve the environment [with their investments]," said Ľubica Trubíniová of the Bratislava environmental protection group.
The activists collected 2,600 signatures in a petition against the action.
"The uncompromising cutting will affect all people who would otherwise come here for sports or who live in this area," said Trubíniová.
J&T, the project's investor, has a different view.
"After the completion of the project the river bank will become an attractive pedestrian zone. We will plant 122 new trees and our company will give Bratislava's Old Town district Sk8 million (€206,200) to compensate for the value of the trees," J&T's spokesman Maroš Sýkora said.
He argued that the project would be beneficial for the area.
"Instead of a jungle which has become a site for homeless people, the city will gain a modern project that will move us closer to European cities," he said.

James Bond yacht in docks

AFTER James Bond used the yacht to lure women, Golden Eyes is back in Slovak waters.
photo: TASR

THE LADY Z II yacht, formerly called Golden Eyes, named for the James Bond movie Golden Eye, has been reconstructed in Bratislava's Lodenice docks and was recently put to water.
The yacht has an interesting history. "You'd better not say its name out loud around here," said Roman Klementis, the legal representative of Slovenská plavba a prístavy Lodenice (ship makers), according to the Nový Čas daily.
"Several years ago a German company built the yacht. When installing it at a fair in Düsseldorf it fell off the crane from a height of one metre. When the prospective buyer found out, he cancelled the deal and ever since then no one has wanted the yacht," Klementis said.
The news of the fallen yacht spread quickly and for six years no one wanted to buy it. Prospective buyers were afraid that the yacht would bring them bad luck.
The ship maker, which later went bankrupt, had at least managed to rent the yacht to a movie company.
"They say that scenes from the last James Bond movie were shot inside the yacht. That explains its name as well as the golden-eye shaped ornaments inside it," said Klementis.
Eventually, a German charter company bought the yacht and christened it Golden Eyes. The complete reconstruction was carried out in Bratislava. Some 40 workers worked on the yacht for more than a year.
In several months it will be taken to the Romanian port of Constanca from where it will be launched.

Bald complaint

THE unjustly Bald Club (KNP) issued a statement March 1 saying that they are concerned about the planned cancellation of summer daylight saving time.
The KNP argue that scientific research proves that the introduction of summer daylight saving has had a positive impact on people's lives, the SITA news agency reported.
As the time is forwarded one hour in the summer, people wear hats more because they spend more time in the sun. Their heads overheat, their skin steams and they experience greater hair loss.
The KNP says that in the summer hair falls out 8 percent faster than during the rest of the year.
In its statement the KNP said, "It is well known that baldness is the hairdo of the third millennium and in this case [should the summer daylight saving time be abolished] we would feel discriminated against."
The KNP is therefore calling on the EU to reconsider its plans to cancel summer daylight saving time.
"We would be forced to turn to the European Court of Justice," states the KNP.
The KNP is known for its healthy sense of self-irony and humour and the recent activity is related to April's Fools Day, the SITA news agency reported.

Man guilty of swimmer's death

THE DISTRICT court in Košice sent former football club manager Peter Hlaváč to jail for 10 years after finding him guilty of causing the death of his ex-lover, former swimmer Katarína Jonecová. She was 27.
Her married ex-lover brutally beat her after finding out that she had a new boyfriend.
The tragic incident took place on September 7, 2002, after Jonecová returned from a summer holiday in Turkey, the daily SME wrote. Witnesses confirmed that after a four-year affair with Hlaváč she wanted to sort her life out and had found a new boyfriend.
Hlaváč found out about Jonecová's new relationship and in a fit of jealousy brutally beat her in his own flat.
Jonecová did not call the police but only treated her wounds and went to bed. The next morning Hlaváč tried to wake her up but she would not move.
Hlaváč called the ambulance but Jonecová never regained consciousness. She died after 142 days in a coma.

Banská Bystrica
Alleged torturer on hunger strike

A MAN accused of torturing his six-month-old daughter to death has gone on hunger strike. Thirty-seven-year-old Vojtech K took the action after appearing at a court hearing where he protested his innocence, the daily SME reported.
Baby Chantal died as a result of severe concussion, malnutrition and inflammation of the lungs.
The child's 21-year-old mother, Nataša O, also faces criminal prosecution in connection to the death.
At the court hearing Vojtech K demanded to be released from custody. When the judge refused the defendant announced that he was going on hunger strike.
Together, Vojtech K and Nataša O have five children. Nataša O says she does not understand why she has been accused of torture.
She told the court that she fed Chantal regularly and took proper care of her. However, the girl was severely malnourished, weighing less than four kilograms. She was dirty and had sores around her body.
According to SME, the family lived in bad hygienic conditions. Nataša O gave birth to her first child when she was 15.
Originally, Vojtech K said that they were both not guilty but later accused his partner Nataša and her family of being responsible for Chantal's death.
If found guilty the two face sentences of up to 15 years in prison. The next court hearing is scheduled for May.

Toddler lost then found next day

TWO-and-a-half-year-old Zuzanka, who went missing on the late afternoon of March 29, was found the next day just 300 metres outside her home village of Šindliar in eastern Slovakia's Prešov district.
She was taken to a hospital for health tests immediately after she was found, the SME daily reported.
Zuzanka's 31-year-old mother reported her little girl missing on the evening of March 29. Police spokeswoman Magdaléna Fečo-vá said that Zuzanka had last been seen near a spring called Sultánka.
Police dogs found Zuzanka's trail at the spring but lost her scent after one kilometre.
The police continued to search but with no luck. It was only the next day that the little girl was found. No further details were forthcoming.

Falling snow injures pregnant woman

A WOMAN in the six-month of pregnancy was hit by falling snow from a sloping roof, suffering a broken ankle, two broken ribs and concussion, the daily Nový Čas daily reported.
The victim, 27-year-old Oľga Proche from Brezno, was taken to hospital. Luckily, the accident did not cause any harm to her unborn baby, the daily wrote. Doctors assured her that she and her baby would be all right.
She will need three months to recover. Her ankle will be operated on only after her baby is born.

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