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NO CODE, an exhibition curated by Cecilia Casorati, brings contemporary Italian art to Bratislava's Esterházy Palace. The first show since the palace was reconstructed, NO CODE introduces Slovakia to 11 Italian artists whose work reflects not only Italy's elegance but also the social issues the country is grappling with. According to curator Casorati, the artists respond to multi-culturalism, politics and violence. The main thrust of the show is what she calls the "ironic look". Videos by Daniela de Lorenzo, Enzo Umbaca, Elisabetta Benassi, Luca Pancrazzi; installations by Otonella Mocellin and Nicola Pellegrini; objects by Liliana Moro; photos by Elisa Sighicelli and Marcello Maloberti; and paintings by Maurizio Cannavacciuolo will be on display. The Esterházy Palace is located at Námestie Ľudovíta Štúra 4 and open daily except Monday between 10:00 and 17:30. Tickets cost Sk80. For more information call 02/5443-2055.
photo: Slovak National Gallery

CONCERT: Bach & Jazz - Classical and Jazz Art Duo play Johann Sebastian Bach and jazz.
Starts: Jun 15 at 19:00. Admission: Sk120. Slovenský rozhlas (Slovak Radio), Mýtna 1. Tel: 02/5443-3715.

LIVE MUSIC: Blues Concert - Silvia Josifoska and her Blues Band introduce her latest CD.
Starts: Jun 16 at 20:00. Admission: free. Stoka Theatre, Pribinova 1. Tel: 02/5292-4470.

EXHIBITION: Bonsais and Suiseki - The display presents the art of bonsais and suiseki.
Open: Wed-Fri 9:00-19:00, Sun 9:00-15:00. Admission: free. Univerzitná knižnica (University Library), Michalská 1. Tel: 02/5980-0100.

EXHIBITION: Un/known Bratislava - Viliam Malík displays photos of Bratislava from the 1930s, when the city's rebirth into a modern metropolis started.
Open: Mon-Fri 9:00-20:00, Sat 9:00-17:00 until June 30. Admission: free. Svet knihy (bookshop), Obchodná 4. Tel: 02/4910-4314.

EXHIBITION: Structures - Tamara Klimová, a painter and graphic artist influenced by constructivist tendencies, presents her latest works.
Open: Tue-San 13:00-18:00 until June 25. Admission: free. Nova Gallery, Baštová 2. Tel: 02/5443-3039.


SVIDNÍK in Eastern Slovakia will become the centre of Ukrainian-Ruthenian culture between June 17 and 19 when it hosts the 51st annual Festivities of Ruthenian-Ukrainian Culture. The festival promotes this unique culture through exhibitions and cultural programmes delivered by ensembles from Slovakia as well as Ukraine and Hungary. The event takes place at the amphitheatre in Svidník. Tickets cost Sk80 and Sk50. For more information call 051/7733-008.
photo: TASR


COMPETITION: Sword of Matúš Čák Trenčiansky - Strongmen from Slovakia and abroad compete in a weightlifting contest that includes pushing and lifting cars.
Starts: Jun 18 at 15:00. Mestský futbalový štadión (Town soccer stadium) at Sihoť, Mládežnícka, Trenčín. Tel: 0903/538-213.

FESTIVAL: Paradog - The 15th annual, one-day DJ marathon is the oldest techno-party in Slovakia, taking place on three dance floors, the event is allegedly in its final year.
Starts: Jun 18. Admission: Sk280 in advance, Sk350 at the door. Senica airport. www.paradog.host.sk


FESTIVAL: Song in the Gospel's Service - Young composers, lyricists and interpreters meet at the nationwide festival of Christian song featuring music genres from classics and gospels to jazz and folk-country.
Runs: Jun 17-19. Admission: free. Dom Kultúry (House of Culture), Námestie Slobody, Banská Bystrica. Tel: 0904/956-666.
EXHIBITION: Dolls - Grown-ups and children present collections of traditional rag dolls and dolls wearing traditional folk costumes.
Open: Mon-Fri 8:00-16:00 until June 30. Admission: free. Mestské kultúrne stredisko (Town Culture Centre), Námestie slobody 1, Dolný Kubín. Tel: 043/5864-928.


FESTIVAL: Abov Folk Festivities - The 37th year of the folk dance and music festival features more than 450 performers from Slovakia and abroad.
Starts: Jun 19 at 10:00. Admission: Sk40. Amphitheatre, Rozhanovce. Tel: 055/7299-605.

EXHIBITION: Spiš in Visual Arts - Works from Spišská Nová Ves natives include sculptor Tibor Gurin and painter Emilián Cvengroš reflecting their jobs as miner and engine driver, respectively.
Open: Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00 until June 29. Admission: free. KOS Gallery, Hviezdoslavova 7. Košice. Tel: 055/7299-605.

Prepared by Jana Liptáková

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