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MAKING contacts is one of the main missions of the foreign Chambers of Commerce. To this end, they stage various business and social events on a regular basis. Below are the main events of some of chambers in Slovakia.

American Chamber of Commerce
Established: 1993,
Members: 275

Each year, the chamber organizes over 100 different events that have allowed it to become substantially more active in the political, legislative and economic life of all of Slovakia.

In addition to recurring committee activities, some of its regular events are:

- Regular Business Breakfasts at least once or twice a month. The aim is to provide members the opportunity to meet and discuss current topics connected to the local business environment

- Regular Business Cocktails: monthly events for general membership, business partners, and other potential member contacts. These festive events offer our members an opportunity to enjoy time with their business partners in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

- AmCham Executive Business Club comprises an exclusive group of chief executives of Corporate Patron and Corporate Permanent membership companies. The major purpose is to create a top-level speaking forum for corporate leaders.

- Thanksgiving Gala Dinner held in November

- 4th of July - Independence Day Celebration held end of June/beginning of July with an attendance of typically over 600 people.

- AmCham Internship and Job Fair held in the spring opens doors for recruiting efforts across Slovakia, providing access to qualified applicants looking for work - attendance is between 800-900 emerging professionals.

- Human Resources Conference held in October gives all attendees an excellent opportunity to learn of new trends in the world of Human Resources.

AmCham hosts various irregular events, such as welcome and farewell receptions for outgoing US ambassadors, member tours to interesting production facilities, and various workshops, seminars and roundtable discussions on a host of topics. The chamber also closely cooperates on events, such as hosting visiting trade missions or organizing investment conferences, in cooperation with the US Embassy and the US Commercial Service.

British Chamber of Commerce
Established: 1997
Members: 100+

The British Chamber of Commerce regularly invites distinguished speakers, such as the British Ambassador and ministers for Business Breakfasts. The social events include cheese and wine evenings and the annual Christmas Dinner and Dance. At present, the chamber is preparing for a Royal visit from the UK in October.

In cooperation with the other foreign chambers of commerce, and the Silvia Gašparovičová Slovak Foundation (Slovak president wife's foundation), Britcham organizes the Annual Garden Party, which raises funds for charities.

Slovak-Canadian Chamber
Established: 2001
Members: 110

The Slovak-Canadian Chamber organizes various social events where Slovak and foreign business communities meet. The following are some of the events:

- Direct Foreign Investments Seminar with Finance Minister Ivan Mikloš

- Cocktail with Margaret Hubert, the Canadian Ambassador

- Concerts of famous Canadian artists, such as Olivier Munroe

- Canadian Business Delegation in Slovakia, including chamber events co-sponsored with the Canadian Embassy in Slovakia

- Welcoming the new Canadian Ambassador

- Signing the Memorandum of Understanding between Export Development Canada (EDC) and EXIM Bank (Slovakia).

Annual events worth mentioning are Canada Day and Arthur Hunt - The Sports Day of the Chambers of Commerce in Slovakia, and Christmas and Thanksgiving Day Celebrations.

Upcoming plans include a Canadian-Slovak trade mission and delegation of investors in the fall of this year

Danish Chamber of Commerce
Established: 1998
Members: 70+

The Danish Chamber of Commerce organizes some annual celebrations, the most important ones are Christmas Dinner, Easter Dinner and Constitutional Day.

French-Slovak Chamber of Commerce
Established: 1994
Members: 240

Once a year the French-Slovak Chamber of Commerce organizes the "Petanque party", open to members and outsiders. French-speaking staff of our corporate members is invited for special occasions, for example, when French personalities visit Slovakia.

Italian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce
Established: 1997
Members: 142

On a regular basis the Italian Chamber of Commerce organizes seminars, social events and meetings. We also organize workshops, delegations of entrepreneurs, trade fairs and other activities.

Russian Chamber of Commerce
Established: 2004
Members: 25 companies

Among different social events, the Russian Chamber of Commerce is focussing on training and educational events. For example, in the beginning of August 2005, we will host a seminar in Košice aimed at marketing low-alcohol and non-alcohol beverages, which plan to enter Russian and CIS markets.

In October 2005, we will host another seminar, this time in Bratislava: Exporting to Russia. Here, EU exporters can expand their knowledge on Russian certification, customs and trade regulations.

RusCham also organizes round tables on specific issues, trade delegations as well as supports events organized by members.

Israeli Chamber of Commerce
Established: 2000
Members: 41

Each year the Israeli Chamber of Commerce issues several promotional packages. The chamber also participates in professional workshops in Israel and in Slovakia. The Israeli Chamber helps organize a Christmas party and participates at the Garden Party of the Chambers of Commerce in Slovakia.

Prepared by
Marta Ďurianová

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