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Reader feedback: Open borders present problem

Re: Who will protect them?, Volume 11, Number 29, July 25 - August 7, 2005

Slovakia must assert her sovereignty on this issue [asylum]. It is insane for Slovakia to make itself a "target" country for mass immigration.

Certainly, most Slovaks would like to protect refugees if they could, but this sentiment is being exploited by liberal multi-cultural ideologues, who want to use it as a pretext for economic migration.

How odd that refugees choose to go to Austria first. It couldn't be that the welfare system is more generous or that Austria is wealthier, now could it?

This is the problem with having open borders within the EU. You only have to get smuggled into Poland from Ukraine and hey presto, you've got a nice menu to choose from.

K R Naylor,
Bratislava, Slovakia

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