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Visit a different Slovakia - in Spain

THE SLOVAK ambassador to Spain, Ján Valko, opened a photographic display entitled Other Slovakia in Madrid. The exhibition is part of a wider project under the title To Build Europe, To Build Culture, held in the Madrid's Círculo de Bellas Artes culture house.

The exhibition displays works from Slovakia's top documentary photographers: Andrej Bán, Pavol Breier, Alan Hyža, Martin Kollár, Martin Marenčin, Lucia Nimcová, Jozef Ondzik and Jaro Sýkora. They offer a spectrum of different photographic approaches, from traditional to modern.

Their works will be on display until October 2.

Theatre Harvest winner announced

THE THEATRE troupe of Gašpar Fejérpataky-Belopotocký from Liptovský Mikuláš won the 83rd annual Scénická žatva (Theatre Harvest), the oldest and biggest amateur theatre festival in Europe.

They won the Creative Achievement of the Year prize with Nikolai Koloyada's drama Murlin Murlo.

photo: Photo by Jaroslav Hanuš

More ceramics arrive in Beladice

NEW artworks were installed in the surroundings and interiors of Pustý Chotár, a neo-classical manor house adjacent to the Hotel Tartuf and park, in the village of Beladice near Nitra. The new works are the results of the recent Sixth International Ceramic Workshop, which hosted artists from Argentina, Great Britain, France, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan and Slovakia.

Around 300 guests came to the workshop's festive closing on August 26, when the artists introduced over 50 works made during the 20-day workshop. A few will remain permanently in Pustý Chotár.

Žilina artistically heals its underpass

TWENTY-five artists from six countries recently met to repair the destroyed underpass below Žilina's Rondel bridge. The artistic extravaganza was organized by the Žilina-Záriečie Station cultural centre and financed by Žilina citizens with the help of the Culture Ministry.

What once used to be a dangerous, run-down place with potholes and broken lighting is now a safe place beaming with colour. Each exit is painted in a different colour, which helps people navigate through the underpass. In the main corridor one can see a preserved section of original graffiti.

"The situation with public spaces in Žilina is not ideal. Therefore I am glad that the action has succeeded," said Žilina native Marcel Benčík, graphic designer and the project's coordinator.

Benčík and other graphic designers, architects, painters and art students from Poland, Austria, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, the USA, Great Britain and Slovakia, worked on the underpass for nine days, eight hours per day. They used 450 kilos of paint.

According to Marek Adamov, Stanica's director, they plan to organize a similar meeting next year so the underpass "changes its design", but mainly is taken care of.

photo: Stanica Žilina-Záriečie

Hungary introduces Slovak culture

HUNGARY is showcasing Slovak artists this season, the TASR news wire reported.

Renowned soprano Edita Gruberova will open a large presentation of Slovak culture on September 10.

Five days later, the Hungarian National Gallery will exhibit Koloman Sokol's body of work. Celebrated painters Martin Benka and Ernest Zmeták are also on the list of exhibitors, along with digital and electronic graphic artists.

The Slovak National Theatre will perform Gaetano Donizetti's La fille du regiment, the Slovak Philharmonic's director Marián Lapšanský will play the piano and Peter Lipa will bring jazz. Theatre performances and movie screenings are also scheduled.

Prepared by Spectator staff from press releases

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