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Hygiene inspector accused of bribery

A REGIONAL hygiene inspector from Senec, Jaroslav K, was arrested while accepting a Sk15,000 (€385) bribe, the SITA news agency reported.
The hygiene inspector demanded the money from the owner of a bakery in Senec.
Police have charged him with bribery and, if convicted, he faces three to eight years in jail.
Jana Pôbišová from the Interior Ministry told the agency that the hygiene inspection took place at the Senec bakery at the end of January 2005. The inspection revealed several shortcomings for which the baker proposed counter-measures.
In June 2005, hygienist Jaroslav K contacted the baker and demanded Sk20,000 (€514) to approve the measures. The owner gave him the money. In August of this year the inspector arranged another meeting at which, in addition to taking the Sk15,000 the inspector demanded that the baker pay him Sk7,000 (€180) per month.
However, police from the anti-corruption unit caught Jaroslav K red-handed and placed him under arrest.

Father gives drugs to son

BRATISLAVA police are dealing with the case of a 34-year-old father who gave his 16-year-old son hard drugs, including heroin and pervitine (similar to methamphetamine), Markíza TV reported on September 27.
The father is reported to have given his son around 30 doses of heroin and pervitine.
Bratislava police spokes-woman Silvia Miháliková said that the "father even administered these drugs to the son in a public place in front of a shopping centre".
According to Markíza the father is a drug addict and had his own sources for drugs.
Experts say such behaviour is common amongst drug addicts.
Roman, a recovered drug addict, told the TV station that if "a mother is a drug dealer and finds out that the son is doing drugs, she will give him drugs to prevent him getting into trouble".
Dr Ľubomír Okruhlica who works with the Centre for the Treatment of Drug Dependencies in Bratislava added: "They have different psychological relations, dictated by the drug. Such things can be expected."

Depeche Mode documentary prepared

AT THE start of this year graphic designer and photographer Roman Šustek started preparing a documentary with the working title Depeche Mode (DM) - 25 Years of Faith and Devotion, the SITA news agency wrote. Since April, Šustek has been shooting the documentary about DM parties in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and the project should be complete by January 2006.
The project will include shots form various cities and towns including Žilina, Púchov, Košice, Bratislava and Prague.
"In the beginning I was worried that the DM parties would be attended purely by the old fans from the 1980s. I was pleasantly surprised, however, to see many teenagers on the dance floors. That confirmed to me that the music captured a new audience as well," said Šustek.

Industrial park attracts young to Kechnec

THE VILLAGE of Kechnec is experiencing a rise in population. In 1995, the village had 630 inhabitants but now 1,010 live there. Young people are returning to seek out job opportunities at the local industrial park, the Nový Čas daily reported.
According to Jozef Konkoly, Kechnec mayor, the Kechnec industrial park employs 1,300 people at the moment and seven more companies plan to open manufacturing plants there soon.
The park has room for another 50 companies.

Fire at US Steel: four injured

FOUR workers at the Košice-based steel producer US Steel suffered burns in a fire that broke out in the company's power-production hall in the early hours of September 28 morning.
The four injured workers were taken to Košice-Šaca hospital, where their condition is described as "stable", the TASR news agency reported.
Two of the injured workers were seriously injured but doctors say that their lives are not in danger.
The fire broke out at 03:30 and burned for an hour before firefighters put it out.

Banská Bystrica
InfoUSA centre opened

MORE than 500 books, CDs and DVDs on the history, art and geography of the USA are included in the collection of InfoUSA Banská Bystrica, which the new ambassador to Slovakia, Rodolphe M Vallee, opened on September 28.
Vallee donated a book about former President Theodore Roosevelt to the centre and said:
"Next to my current chief [President George Bush], Roosevelt was my favourite president. He was a champion of democracy, freedom and environmental protection," Vallee said, recalling that Roosevelt, who was president from 1901 to 1909, visited Slovakia.
There are now three InfoUSA centres in Slovakia: in Banská Bystrica, Bratislava and Košice. They provide information about many spheres of interest in the US, and support bilateral relations with Slovakia. They are all open to the public.
The US Embassy donated the collection of resources for the centre in Banská Bystrica, worth approximately $15,000 (€12,000), as well as the basic multimedia equipment and furniture, worth around $20,000 (€16,000).
An American employee will be on hand to help visitors.

Banská Bystrica
New postage stamps out

THE ČIERNOHRONSKÁ železnica (ČHŽ) narrow-gauge railway in central Slovakia's Čierny Balog - Vydrovo and the Museum of Kysuce Village in Nová Bystrica hosted events last week to celebrate the issue of two new postage stamps, which the Slovak postal company Slovenská Pošta (SP) issued on September 22.
The stamps are part of SP's Technical sights series.
The Kysuce stamp shows a steam locomotive U 34.901, made in 1909, as it pulls carriages loaded with logs of wood. The locomotive is one of Slovakia's oldest narrow-gauge trains. It still travels up and down the forest railway in Vychylovka.
The ČHŽ stamp shows a steam locomotive C 760/90d made by Czech company ČKD Prague in 1948. It was in use in ČHŽ until 1982.

Holland opens consulate

The Netherlands opened an honorary consulate in Prešov on September 27, the TASR news agency reported.
Dutch Ambassador Laurent Stokvis presented the declaratory decree to Matúš Murajda.
The consulate is situated in the Slovak-Dutch company Gemor fashion, of which Murajda is a manager. Slovak Foreign Affairs Minister Eduard Kukan attended the ceremonial opening.
According to Kukan "the consulate will be an entry gate for future Dutch investors. Positive results might motivate other countries to invest in eastern Slovakia".
Kukan said that it is 33rd honorary consulate in Slovakia, but most are situated in Bratislava.

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