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ARTMEDIA Bratislava goaltender Juraj Čobej (right) saves a shot from Stephen Thompson of Glasgow Rangers during their Champions League soccer match at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow on October 19. The match ended a 0-0 draw, the latest in a series of suprisingly strong showings by Artmedia, considered by some the weakest (or luckiest) team ever to have qualified for the main round of the annual tournament of Europe's top football clubs. Following the tie Artmedia stands in second place in Group H, tied with Glasgow on four points and a 3-3 goal differential. Inter Milan is first with six points after three games played (2-2), while Porto is last with three points (6-6).
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Civic group expands music legends' park

THE CIVIC group Immortal, which was founded on December 14, 1992, in the western Slovak town of Šamorín erected another statue in a park dedicated to rock music legends.
The group unveiled a likeness of Bonn Scott, the lead singer with AC/DC, on October 15.
The first statue unveiled was of Freddie Mercury, the legendary Queen vocalist, in 1993. Since then statues of John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and Jimmy Hendrix have been erected in the park. The statues are the work of sculptor Oskar Košecký.
"We established the unique memorial park close to the local music school to serve as a pilgrimage site to all who would like to pay their respects to the legends of the world of rock music," the civic group Immortal stated.

Mother of four dies after 20 months in coma

A MOTHER of four died after 20 months in a coma. Thirty-eight-year-old Mária Ivanecká had been in Košice's Faculty Hospital since January 24, 2004, after suffering a bleeding womb, the daily SME reported.
Ivanecká was operated on twice but she never regained consciousness. The family are convinced that healthcare staff made a mistake that cost the woman her life.
For months the woman's husband and sister visited her in hospital but doctors held no hope that she would recover.
When Juraj Ivanecký drove his wife to the hospital, she was five months pregnant. Their previous four children had been born without complication, but the baby girl Ivanecká gave birth to died after a few hours.
Ivanecká continued bleeding and is believed to have suffered swelling of the brain. She went into a coma from which she never recovered.
"It was terrible to have to explain to the children that mum was gone for so long and it was hard to answer when they asked when she would be back," said Ivanecký. He wanted his four sons to remember their mother as she used to be rather than the "the spiritless body on the hospital bed", the daily reported.
"They had to get used to living without their mother. In a way it is a relief that we lost her, because the state she was in never changed," he said.
Ivanecký is now awaiting the results of the police investigation into the case, which has taken over a year and a half now. The hospital has already dismissed two doctors in connection with the case.

No to being soldiers

CIVIC activists, united under an initiative called Not One Day of Being a Soldier, organized an event under the same name in the city of Zvolen on October 10.
The event was aimed at secondary school pupils in particular, as well as younger children, according to the organizers.
Peter Kurčík, of the civic group, told the daily SME that together with Amnesty International and Greenpeace, his initiative wanted to see investment in areas other than defence.
Kurčík, who describes himself as a pacifist, would like to see the armed forces transformed. He thinks the army should specialize in helping in natural catastrophes.
He said that his group had organized the event as a response to an initiative called Soldier for a Day in Zvolen, organized by the Slovak army.
"When we saw how children played with the guns, we decided that we would offer an alternative. The army organizes promotion events using taxpayer's money and we do not like that," said Kurčík.

Passenger attacks cab driver with knife

A MAN from the eastern Slovak village of Valaliky near Košice, Dušan I, attacked a cab driver with a knife on October 13, the SITA news agency reported.
During the ride Dušan I started threatening the 21-year-old cab driver with physical violence and blackmail. No details about the blackmail were made public.
On arrival in Košice the cab driver asked for the fare. Dušan I refused to pay and tried to cut the cab driver with the knife. Luckily, however, he did not hurt the man but ran away from the cab without paying.
Dušan I was charged with blackmail and threatening behaviour.

Graffiti artists turn to canvas

THIRTY graffiti artists from various parts of Slovakia took part in an open creative workshop on October 8 in the northern Slovak city of Žilina, the TASR news wire reported.
"We like graffiti, as long as it does not damage buildings. Graffiti helps revive particularly industrial areas," said Robo Blaško from the Truc sphérique civic association, which established the Stanica culture centre where the workshop was held.
For this workshop the graffiti artists painted mainly on canvas.

Prešov's elementary school for deaf children celebrates 100 years
photo: SITA - Kveta Mudríková

School for deaf celebrates 100 years

THE ELEMENTARY boarding school for deaf children in Prešov celebrated 100 years since it was founded on October 14, 1905, the SITA news agency reported.
The school first opened in Bratislava. After World War I it moved to Dubnica nad Váhom and since 1942 it has been in Prešov.
The school is named after its former principal, Pavel Sabadoš, who led it for 25 years.
The festivities were scheduled to culminate on October 15. "It is likely that the parents and children will meet here. Around 10 percent of deaf children also have deaf parents," the school's current principal, Ján Adamečko, told SITA.
Among the school's graduates is Petronela Petrovičová, who was voted Miss World Deaf in 2005.
Adamečko said that currently the school has 165 pupils with various kinds of handicaps, including deafness and speech handicaps, and combined disabilities.
The school also has a kindergarten for young children.

Explosives discovered in canal

WHEN cleaning the Biskupice canal in Trenčín on October 11 staff discovered several unexpected finds, including explosives, the SITA news agency reported.
A police expert diffused the ammunition, which dates back to World War II.
The Biskupice canal was drained at the end of August. As well as ammunition, workers came across 13 wrecked cars in the canal, one of which turned out to have been stolen, Trenčín police spokewoman Lenka Bušová said.

Bus driver caught drunk-driving

A PROFESSIONAL bus driver was caught driving under the influence of alcohol on October 11 in the western Slovak city of Trenčín.
Trenčín police spokeswoman Lenka Bušová told the SITA news agency that officers received a tip-off from an unnamed source that the driver on the Trenčín - Horná Súča line was drunk.
Police stopped the bus on the road and tested the driver for alcohol and found 2.73 pro-mille alcohol in his blood.
There were 10 passengers on the bus at the time.
Bušová said that officers immediately confiscated the man's driving licence and took him to the local police station.
On the same day, the driver was charged with endangering people's lives while under the influence of alcohol.

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