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Real Estate and Construction Guide 2007

Real Estate and Construction Guide 2007

The Slovak Spectator is pleased to present its ninth annual review of Slovak real estate market trends.

This year we have tried to let some of the biggest names in real estate development speak for themselves and identify new trends.

The Real Estate and Construction Guide 2007 provides listings of new projects in each market sector as a resource for investors looking for a piece of the action, and feature stories about luxury housing, logistics and vacation properties.

Finally, local law firms and consultancies provide expert advice on the legal issues associated with real estate in Slovakia in the hope that readers will avoid some of the potholes that remain.

Be the first to know what's happening on Slovakia's real estate market.

The Real Estate Guide 2007 costs Sk 99 in Slovakia or USD $4.10 abroad. Postage is not included. You can find it locally at Interpress newsstands or order it directly from The Slovak Spectator office.

To order your copy of the latest edition of the Real Estate and Construction Guide 2007, please click on the order button above.

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  • Sk 99 in Slovakia (postage is not included)
  • $ 4.10 (postage is not included)

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