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Slovak PM pleased with EU budget

SLOVAK Prime Minister Mikuláš Dzurinda is happy with the approved EU budget for 2007-2013. “It was a drama, but the result is better than I had hoped for,” said the PM.

The agreement was reached on Saturday December 17 following long and difficult talks that included a series of concessions and compromises, the daily SME wrote.

Poland resisted the British proposals but agreement was reached thanks to German chancellor Angela Merkel, who brokered higher assistance to Poland.

Slovakia will be able to receive Sk46 billion (€1.22 billion) per year from the EU budget in the upcoming seven-year period, which according to Dzurinda is three times as much as the country has received thus far.

Slovakia will also receive €375 million (Sk14.2 billion) as a contribution for the shut down of the Jaslovské Bohunice nuclear power plant and should also get an additional €390 million (Sk14.8 billion) for the development of infrastructure and under-developed regions.

Compiled by Martina Jurinová from press reports
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