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Hong Kong: Lignan University scholarship

LIGNAN University will award the LIU Lit Mo Overseas Student Scholarship to 10 international students in the 2008/2009 academic year.

LIGNAN University will award the LIU Lit Mo Overseas Student Scholarship to 10 international students in the 2008/2009 academic year.

The scholarship totals HK $100,000 per academic year, which will cover tuition, accommodation and other expenses. Each scholarship can be renewed for up to three years, subject to the applicant's continued outstanding academic performance. Any international student who wishes to pursue an undergraduate programme at Lingnan University from September 2008 on a full-time basis, leading to an honours degree, may apply. Students who have completed or are studying a field relevant to the programme(s) for which they are applying may transfer credits. In Hong Kong, students follow a seven-year secondary education system and a three-year bachelor study. Students who have satisfactorily completed the first or second year of a four-year undergraduate programme may be admitted to the first or second year of the Lingnan programme. Language requirements are a C in English on the GCE O-Level or GCSE Examination, or an equivalent exam; a TOEFL score of 213 in the computer-based version, 550 in the paper-based version, or 79 in the internet-based version; or an IELTS overall band score of 5.5. The deadline for applications is March 31, 2008. For more information

about the application process and eligibility, see http://www.ln.edu.hk/admissions/da/intl/f_schship.html or contact Ms Annie Kung (e-mail: annie.kung@LN.edu.hk, Tel.: 852-2616 8774) or Ms Carrie Mak (e-mail: carriem@LN., Tel.: 852-2616 8773).

Source: www.ln.edu.hk via SAIA

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