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(Source: Courtesy of Bri Hurley)



DANCE: THE SEVENTH annual Oriental Night's Dream offers the elegance and rhythms of original Oriental dances, as well as some new dance forms, on February 15 in Bratislava. Dancers from Slovakia and abroad, with American dancer Bri Hurley and Afghani musicians as guests, will perform classical Oriental dances, folklore, ethno, Indian, American tribal style, tribal fusion, Gothic and many other dance styles in the Centre of Culture at Vajnorská 21. The show starts at 19:00 with a planned end at midnight. Tickets cost Sk360. The next day, dance workshops will take place in the Zlatá Špirála Centre at Drieňová 40. For more information, call 0907/781-061.


CLASSICAL MUSIC: The International Holland Music Sessions - Two young musicians, pianist Gerard Boeters from the Netherlands and violinist Joanna Frankel from the USA, play works by Vitalu, Beethoven and Schnittke.

Starts: Feb 12, 19:00. Admission: Sk140. Small Hall, Reduta, Palackého 2. Tel: 02/5920-8233.


LIVE Music: Ježkovy Vwoči - Czech musician Jan-Matěj Rak pays homage to the life and times of legendary composer Jaroslav Ježek, who was fascinated by American jazz.

Starts: Feb 14, 19:00. Admission: Sk120. Klarisky church, Klariská. Tel: 02/5935-6650.


LIVE MUSIC: Thierry & Friends - An afro-reggae-ethno concert takes place.

Starts: Feb 14, 20:00. Admission: Sk80 (in advance), Sk120 (at the door). Klub za Zrkadlom music club, Rovniankova 3, Tel: 02/6381-1328.


FESTIVAL: Marmota - The second edition of this hiking festival welcomes excellent Slovak climbers Dodo Kopold, Martin Minařík, David Fojtík, polar explorer Peter Valušiak, extreme skier Ján Novák and 75-year old hiker, spelunker and filmmaker Slavomír Chmel as guests. The festival programme offers eight documentary films, discussions with the guests and a photo exhibition.

Runs: Feb 15-16. Admission: free. Dom Kultúry Dúbravka, Saratovská 2/A. http://festival.marmota.sk.


PARTY: Big Exclusive Funky Party - A large dance party that features Funkiez (formerly Made To Mate) and G-Point Hunters playing big funky hits by Monkey Business.

Starts: Feb 15, 20:00. Admission: Sk200. Divadlo v Podpalubí (Theatre in the Underdeck), on the Danube embankment between the Old and New Bridges beside the Janko Kráľ Park. Tel: 0903/449-650, www.lodcafe.sk.


LIVE MUSIC: Tetzepi - This phenomenal 15-member Dutch jazz orchestra plays a mixture of free jazz and world music full of stunning improvisations.

Starts: Feb 16, 21:00. Admission: Sk150 (in advance), Sk200 (at the door). Klub za Zrkadlom music club, Rovniankova 3, Tel: 02/6381-1328.


LIVE MUSIC: Vypsaná Fixa - This Czech punk-pop band kicks off its tour around clubs in Slovakia.

Starts: Feb 15, 20:00. Admission: Sk100. Piano Club. Tel: 046/16-186.


LIVE MUSIC: René Lacko and Down Town Band - A performance by René Lacko, a Slovak musician known for his excellent renditions of Jimi Hendrix songs.

Starts: Feb 14, 19:00. Admission: Sk80 (in advance), Sk100 (at the door). Dom Kultúry (The House of Culture), Námestie slobody 10. Tel: 034/6645-341.


EXHIBITION: PROMINENT Slovak graphic artist, painter and book illustrator Peter Kľúčik presents in Nitra 30 works he created from the late 1980s to present, Graphic Works by Peter Kľúčik. Kľúčik graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (VŠVU), where he studied graphics and book illustration under acclaimed Slovak artist Albín Brunovský. He has received many awards for book illustrations and held exhibitions in Italy, Spain, Canada and the US, among others. The exhibited works are for sale. The display, which is free, takes place in the Akcent Gallery at Kúpeľná 4 and will last until March 13. It is open daily from 10:00 to 19:30.



LIVE MUSIC: Longital - Slovak band Longital continues its tour around Slovakia.

Starts: Feb 16, 20:00. Admission: Sk100. Múzeum, www.longital.sk.


CARNEVAL: Jánošíks on Snow - The Vrátna ski resort invites skiers and snowboardists in masks of local hero Jánošík to join the attempt for a Guinness record of the highest number of Jánošíks on a slope.

Runs: Feb 16-17. Vrátna - Paseky. www.vratna.sk.



FESTIVAL: The Borders of Modern Europe - This documentary film festival offers award-winning films from France, Hungary, Spain, the Czech Republic and Slovakia and discussions with their creators.

Runs: Feb 17-20. Admission: Sk40/Sk70. The Film Club Cinefil, Dominikánske Square 8. Tel: 055/6251-874, www.cinefil.sk.

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