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Models walk on water

ŠTRBSKÉ Pleso hosted a Sk6 million fashion show by the world famous Prague-based Cuban designer Osmany Laffita on March 2, the Košický Korzár daily reported.

ŠTRBSKÉ Pleso hosted a Sk6 million fashion show by the world famous Prague-based Cuban designer Osmany Laffita on March 2, the Košický Korzár daily reported.

Seventy designs described as "eccentric" and "shocking" were worn by 40 models who paraded across the frozen surface of the Štrbské Pleso mountain lake. The models faced harsh conditions, including high winds and snow, as a result of the poor weather.

"The show must go on. We will certainly not cancel it!" a member of management announced shortly before the planned start at 18:00, which was postponed till 19:00 due to the conditions. "All electric equipment failed; we had to improvise," he added.

However, from 19:00 these troubles were forgotten as Štrbské Pleso witnessed a fairy tale previously unseen in Slovakia: a 45-minute fashion extravaganza accompanied by a blizzard.

And why the High Tatras? The designer came to like the mountain range as a student, when he got lost there during a trip. "I am happy to present my latest collection here, and I hope that everyone can find something to enjoy," Osmany concluded. His designs may be beautiful, imaginative, and original, but they are also very expensive: starting at about Sk200,000, they go up to millions of crowns.

Laffita, who began work at fashion houses like Versace and Kenzo, was showing his luxury creations for men and women for winter 2008/2009. They were dominated by fur and leather, and dark and silvery colours, but red, violet, and white pieces also featured. He used a combination of fabric, and snake- and crocodile-leather for coats and suits, and rounded off his designs with unique shoes, purses and sunglasses.

Along with the models, a few celebrities were on show: a former Miss Slovakia, Silvia Lakatošová; the presenter Adriana Kmotríková; Justice Minister Štefan Harabin; and businessman Július Rezeš, with his girlfriend Eva Džodlová. Invited guests included Prime Minister Robert Fico, who did not arrive due to the bad weather.

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