Slovaks less interested in working abroad

Slovaks have become less interested in working abroad during the past two years, according to data taken from the website on April 21.

Slovaks have become less interested in working abroad during the past two years, according to data taken from the website on April 21.

The data show that only 15 percent of Slovaks want to work abroad, a 5-percent fall from the peak level in 2006. The United Kingdom recorded the most significant drop in interest, with a reduction of one half over the last two years. Only 4 percent of Slovaks now say that they want to work in Britain.

A slight drop in interest has also been recorded in the Czech Republic, Ireland, the United States, Germany and Austria. On the contrary, interest in working in the Netherlands and Switzerland has increased during the past two years. Job vacancies have also fallen at a faster rate than interest in working abroad, with the number of vacancies down by 7 percent. Vacancies abroad currently make up 11 percent of the total number in the website's database.

The main reasons for the drop in interest in working abroad are the high number of foreigners looking for jobs in the countries concerned, less attractive incomes due to the strengthening of the Slovak crown, lower unemployment and more rapid salary growth in Slovakia due to the domestic labour shortage, said director Dalibor Jakus.

The average age for those interested in working abroad is 28 for men and 25 for women. In most countries, the main interest is in temporary posts, administrative work and jobs in cafes and restaurants. One exception is the Czech Republic, where most Slovak job seekers are university graduates, and are viewed as qualified and reliable employees by Czech companies. TASR

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports

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