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Doing business in Asia? HSBC, The World’s local bank

HSBC Bank, based on Forbes magazine is the first banking company in Europe by Market Value, hasentered Slovak market in 2005 with close focus on corporate clients.

Karel Bureš(Source: Courtesy of HSBC Bank)

HSBC Bank, based on Forbes magazine is the first banking company in Europe by Market Value, has
entered Slovak market in 2005 with close focus on corporate clients.

The bank thanks to its global character and 140 years experience builds wide range of possibilities for new business and it is in any of its 84 countries presence. For HSBC, dealing with financial and banking needs of the people means using the knowledge and experience of more than 6 900 consultants and 10 000 branches all
around the world. We have been talking about objectives and services of HSBC in Slovakia with Karel Bure‰, CEO and Country Manager of HSBC Bank in Slovakia.

YOU HAVE BEEN ACTIVE IN SLOVAKIA FOR A RELATIVELY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY WERE THE EXPECTATIONS OF THE HSBC BANK AT THE BEGINNING AND WHO IS IN THE FOCAL POINT OF HSBC? “Our entry to the Slovak marketwas segmented,” says Karel Bure‰, CEO and Country Manager of the HSBC Bank in Slovakia about the entry to the Slovak market. “At the beginning we focused mainly on corporate banking and financing of large corporate clientele. It was in this segment that we managed to gain a good position on the market. We shift from the upper segment to small and middle companies with main focus on those dealing with nternational trade. Thanks to our global presence we can offer local knowledge from countries and regions where we operate and combine them with high quality banking services”

WHY IN PARTICULAR INTERNATIONAL TRADE? „The HSBC Bank is active on all continents and I don’t hesitate to say that we are unrivalled as a bank from the point of view of coverage of regions where other banks active in Slovakia are not present and cannot be present. It is true that some banks are stronger in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, but in all the other regions where we are at home our competitors are not to be found. We can provide services under very good conditions to companies which import goods from Asia or the Far East and export, for example, to Europe. Not only the price but also the delivery terms and the speed of the transaction are important. It is not only about trade financing but also about advisory and support when founding a company, negotiating terms and conditions, speed of trade execution and further services helping to eliminate certain financial and business risk.

“ TODAY, YOU MAY FIND A WIDE RANGE OF BANKING SERVICES IN SLOVAKIA. AND NOT ALL CLIENTS NEED INTERNATIONAL TRADE SERVICES. WHAT, IN YOUR OPINION, IS THE VALUE ADDED THAT HSBC OFFER TO CLIENTS IN ADDITION TO INTERNATIONAL TRADE? „We consider our clients as partners and an individual approach to each and every client and his/her needs are the key for us. Each business transaction is different and each business opportunity is quite unique. We understand this very well. In this way we are different to other banks. We value the difference!” says Karel Bureš about the philosophy of the company.„Therefore we focus not only on services connected with foreign trade and corporate banking but also on services of retail banking with continuous enrichment to HSBC Premier and investment services. We have obtained a license from NBS for foreign investment funds distribution in summer this year. Within launching investment services we have opened HSBC Investment Centre in Bratislava where we help our clients to invest and to valorize their financial means y using the biggest financial centers in the world.“

HSBC PRIVATE BANKING IS MORE THAN DIFFERENT COMPARING TO THE CURRENT MARKET OFFER IN SLOVAKIA. „We offer our clients tailored individual care via our Private Bank. Every „private“ clients have his/her own banker in Switzerland, who deals with different range of client’s requirements and needs. From investing to wide range of funds, not, daily banking services, HSBC Private Bank offers treatment of estate, property and assets, via tax advisory and health care up to family treatment for example looking after hobby and free time of the client.“

HOW DO YOU SPEND YOUR FREE TIME? „It depends how much free time have I available. I travel a lot and so I try to find at least some time for my family – wife and three daughters. I always appreciate good food and Pilsner bear and just to join t things I like, I often invite my wife to romantic dinner to restaurants famous for their quality cuisine. If there is time left also for a cigar, I am in seventh heaven.”

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