15 years No. 1 in the mail order business

For 15 years, the company Quelle has ranked among the top in the mail order business in Slovakia. Since its creation in March 1993, it has acquired many satisfied customers, for whom the brand Quelle has become the symbol for a quality range of goods for a good price.

For 15 years, the company Quelle has ranked among the top in the mail order business in Slovakia. Since its creation in March 1993, it has acquired many satisfied customers, for whom the brand Quelle has become the symbol for a quality range of goods for a good price.

In 15 years of existence, Quelle has achieved the position of a fashion expert, known by wide public all over Slovakia (the knowledge of the brand achieved as much as 80 percent in 2008, according to the GfK). In 2007 alone, it distributed more than
7 million catalogues and recently, it concluded the business year 2007/2008 with a respectable turnover estimated at more than
20 mln. euros. Today, Quelle Slovensko, which has been the pioneer in the universal mail order business since its entry to the Slovak market, is leader also in the sphere of online sale of fashion in terms of turnover and holds the leading position in internet sales. Thus, 2008 is important for Quelle Slovensko for two reasons: the company celebrates both 15 years of its operating in Slovakia and the 10th anniversary of the website

15 years ago, on March 5, 1993, the company Quelle Slovakia was entered in the Trade register in Bratislava. Thus, Quelle became one of the first foreign companies to open a branch in the new Slovak Republic. Catalogue sale was a complete novelty on the Slovak market, but immediately attracted customers with a rich offering of the latest fashion, price availability and the possibility to order goods directly from one's home. The mail order sale, unknown at that time, quickly found fans here. By introducing an attractive and comfortable alternative way to shop, the Quelle company successfully established the new form of sales on the Slovak market.

In 15 years, Quelle has worked its way up from a simple mail order business to the current form of successful multi-channel salesman who meets the specific needs of every customer. Thus, the clients of Quelle Slovakia appreciate numerous ways to order goods - from internet ordering, through phone order or SMS order, fax, e-mail, or a personal visit to one of more than 70 Quelle Shops, located all over Slovakia. It is up to the customer which way he or she chooses as the most comfortable and acceptable.
The current trend is, of course, the internet, which represents the ideal sale channel for the mail order business - it is accessible anywhere and at any time. And in this sphere, Quelle is the pioneer in Slovakia, having launched the chance to order through the internet at as early as 1998 - as the first mail order company, through a simple ordering form. In 2003, a fully functional online shop was launched, together with the offer of a complete range of goods from seasonal and special catalogues. Over the following years, the online shop has been constantly enhanced - not only in the goods offered, but also in its efforts towards offering the best comfort to clients when ordering online. Currently, clients can see and order the latest hot fashion collections for ladies and gentlemen, for children and adults, as well as a rich offer of household goods and other attractive items, through a whole range of virtual catalogues on the website

In the anniversary year of 2008, Quelle confirmed its position as the biggest online seller of fashion from the point of view of turnover. In the first half of 2008, growth of more than 70 percent was recorded in internet orders, compared with the same period of 2007. So Quelle continues to be the strongest seller of fashion online in Slovakia.
No other mail order company in Slovakia offers its clients so many sale channels. It is up to the customer what he or she chooses - be it catalogue, or online shopping, or visiting a Quelle shop. Aiming at accommodating their clients with the offer of the newest goods, the Quelle company prepares for its fans a whole range of innovations and keeps expanding its offer on products and catalogues. Currently, the offer of Quelle includes not only female, male, and children's clothing and footwear, but also household textiles, big household appliances, consumer goods and electronics, furniture, toys, and other groups of goods. In its offer, the company has a wide portfolio of catalogues, which it enhances each year, and apart from the main seasonal catalogues Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, it publishes a whole range of special catalogues, meant for specific groups of clients - e.g. My Style, Fashion specially for Me, Maxxi Quelle, Male Fashion, Male Fashion Exclusive, Baby and me, Children's Fashion, Toys' Eden, Health and Vitality, and lately also the catalogues Cozy Home, Footwear and Accessories; and Sport and Wellness.

The main aim of Quelle for the next period is to further strengthen its position of leader on the market, and especially to increase its internet share by more focused communication with customers, enhancing the existing and introducing new goods, by including famous market brands in its offer, and by complex composition and total rejuvenation of the assortment, as well as by improving the services rendered. As a multi-level seller, the company Quelle continues to develop all its sale channels - not only online sales, but also through catalogues and the network of Quelle Shops.

The topical issue of these days is mainly the preparation for euro introduction, to which the Quelle company has been preparing responsibly since last year. Aiming at creating a price transparency and deepening the trust of its customers in connection with the transition to euro, Quelle Slovensko launches measures outside the duties stipulated by law, and uses experiences of sister companies, which have already completed successfully the change
to euro in recent years.

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