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Radičová reacts to Fico claims

Iveta Radičová's has said she has a completely clear conscience over allegations that she bought off MPs in 2005.

Iveta Radičová's has said she has a completely clear conscience over allegations that she bought off MPs in 2005.

Radičová, an Opposition SDKÚ vice-chair and joint opposition candidate for president, spoke out on January 27 in response to claims by Prime Minister Robert Fico suggesting that she benefited from the situation when she became labour minister in 2005. Her remarks, made to the TASR newswire, came in the wake of comments reportedly made by former justice minister and now opposition KDH MP Daniel Lipšic that he is having misgivings about the period, when, it is alleged, independent MPs were given cash in order to keep the minority government afloat.

Radičová said she always believed that the sins of the past should be examined and punished eventually, and she says she has always behaved accordingly as minister of labour, social affairs and the family, and also as an MP. "Therefore if there is information on fraud, one has to file a complaint," she said.

Lipšic said he is convinced that opposition MPs will have to own up to what happened if they ever want to regain the trust of their supporters. He highlighted the actions of two HZDS MPs (then in opposition) who inexplicably voted for government proposals at the time. TASR

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports
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