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Kia contemplates single-shift production

The Žilina-based carmaker Kia Motors Slovakia is considering switching from two to one production shift per day.

The Žilina-based carmaker Kia Motors Slovakia is considering switching from two to one production shift per day.

The company's spokesman, Dušan Dvořák, told the SITA newswire that this is one of the options the company was looking into. He did not want to comment on reports from some employees that the measure would be adopted as soon as next week. Nor would he comment on whether the carmaker planned to sack any of its employees.

At the beginning of February, Kia Motors Slovakia reduced the length of shifts from eight to six hours, attributing the step to a continuing drop in demand for cars. Kia Motors Slovakia announced in early January that it planned to assemble 170,000 cars this year. When production was launched at the Žilina plant in 2006, the company said it planned to produce 240,000 cars this year. Dvořák explained that the drop in planned output was caused specifically by the global financial crisis.

Kia Motors Slovakia is the first assembly plant of South Korea’s Kia Motors Corporation in Europe. It started serial production in December 2006. The factory employs about 2,700 people. SITA

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports
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