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Spectator on facebook


Slovak Telekom - www.slovaktelekom.skOrange Slovensko – www.orange.skT-Mobile Slovensko – www.t-mobile.skTelefónica O2 Slovakia – www.sk.o2.comUPC Broadband Slovakia – www.upc.skSwan – www.swan.skSlovanet – www.slovanet.skGTS Slovakia – www.gts.skDigi Slovakia – www.digislovakia.skVizada Networks – www.vizada.comEnergotel – www.energotel.skDial Telecom – www.dial.skSatro - www.satro.skŽelezničné telekomunikácie – www.zt.sk

Slovak Telekom - www.slovaktelekom.sk
Orange Slovensko – www.orange.sk
T-Mobile Slovensko – www.t-mobile.sk
Telefónica O2 Slovakia – www.sk.o2.com
UPC Broadband Slovakia – www.upc.sk
Swan – www.swan.sk
Slovanet – www.slovanet.sk
GTS Slovakia – www.gts.sk
Digi Slovakia – www.digislovakia.sk
Vizada Networks – www.vizada.com
Energotel – www.energotel.sk
Dial Telecom – www.dial.sk
Satro - www.satro.sk
Železničné telekomunikácie – www.zt.sk

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HR director Nicci Cook says that she sees women and the long-term unemployed as an untapped resource of the work force for the JLR plant in Nitra.

Nicci Cook

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Take a look at the Bratislava Rainbow Pride 2018 that took place on Saturday, July 14.

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I’m not sure if there is a typical Canadian way to get married.

Slovakia to buy F-16 fighter jets. What is wrong with the ministry's analysis?

The Defence Ministry persuaded the government that the American offer is better than the Swedish, but analysts are not convinced.

F-16 fighter jet.