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Doprastav, Bratislava, www.doprastav.sk
Eurovia – Cesty, Košice, www.eurovia.sk
Holcim, Bratislava, www.holcim.sk
Hornex, Bratislava, www.hornex.sk
In Vest, Šaľa, www.invest-in.sk
Inžinierske stavby, Košice, www.inzinierske-stavby.sk
Metrostav SK, Bratislava, www.metrostav.sk
Sibamac, Bratislava, www.sibamac.sk
SkyBau, Žilina, www.skybau.sk
Skanska BS, Prievidza, www.skanska.sk
Strabag, Bratislava, www.strabag.com
Váhostav-SK, Žilina, www.vahostav-sk.sk
ZIPP, Bratislava, www.zipp.sk

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Smer follows a downward trend but may escape oblivion

What does the defeat in regional elections mean for the future of Slovakia’s strongest party?

“How could it be a fiasco when a political party wins most councillors among all parties?” asks PM Robert Fico.

Valorisation mechanism changes

But not everybody is satisfied with some of the latest changes.

My five-year-old daughter will almost certainly encounter a Weinstein too

It’s not that I thought sexually harassing women was okay, it’s more that I accepted that was just part of how things worked. Unfortunate, yes, but also standard.

Harvey Weinstein

Socialism elections were parody of free vote

After the revolution in 1989 the number of people participating in elections fell from 99 percent to around 60 percent.

Elections during socialism regime.