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Doprastav, Bratislava,
Eurovia – Cesty, Košice,
Holcim, Bratislava,
Hornex, Bratislava,
In Vest, Šaľa,
Inžinierske stavby, Košice,
Metrostav SK, Bratislava,
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SkyBau, Žilina,
Skanska BS, Prievidza,
Strabag, Bratislava,
Váhostav-SK, Žilina,
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Top stories

Igor Matovič (right) shakes hands with OĽaNO MP Andrej Stančík who said he had a problem with a vote together with the far right, but then voted with them anyway.

No, Mr. Matovič, the end doesn't justify the means

OĽaNO’s leader rejects formal cooperation with the fascists, while exploiting a shadow coalition in which they are full members.

3 h
Retired general and security expert Pavel Macko.

Slovakia still isn't ready to host NATO battle groups permanently

But the country will need a long-term NATO presence, a security expert claims.

23. jun
The river Slaná in mid-March.

Work completed at mine that turned river orange

Plan being prepared to solve pollution problem.

23. jun

State to connect with residents through smartphones

The government launched an app with the aim to make communication with state offices easier for people.

21. jun
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