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Allianz - Slovenská Poisťovňa, www.allianzsp.sk
Amslico AIG Life, www.amslico.sk
AXA Životná Pojišťovna, www.axa-sk.com
ČSOB Poisťovňa, www.csobpoistovna.sk
Generali Slovensko Poisťovňa, www.gsl.sk
ING Životná Poisťovňa, www.ing.sk
Komunálna Poisťovňa, Vienna Insurance Group, www.kpas.sk
Kontinuita Poisťovňa, Vienna Insurance Group, www.kontinuita.sk
Kooperativa Poisťovňa, Vienna Insurance Group, www.kooperativa.sk
Poisťovňa Slovenskej Sporiteľne,/ www.pslsp.sk
Union Poisťovňa, www.union.sk
Uniqua Poisťovňa, www.uniqua.sk
Wustenrot Poisťovňa, www.wuestenrot.sk

Top stories

Governmental campaign should bring Slovaks home from the UK

The Slovak cabinet plans to persuade its expats living and working in the UK with at least a bachelor degree to return home: a campaign offering specific jobs should help.

Young researchers, IT experts and medical staffers are needed in Slovakia, illustrative stock photo.

EU lawyers claiming the Russian annexation of Crimea as legal is a hoax

One lawyer does not mean all EU lawyers; immigrants attacking a shepherd dog and HAARP causing hurricanes in the US are hoaxes, too.

Hoax on immigrants attackign two German shepdherds and ebing bitten yb them

Co-founder and co-owner of Sme daily dies

A major Slovak entrepreneur, Peter Vajda, died in Prague on October 15. He was exceptional for his innate sense of democracy and believing in equal opportunities for all.

Peter Vajda

Germans in Slovakia preserve their culture

The German minority is aging, and despite efforts, not many young descendants affiliate themselves with their origins.

Hauerlandfest is one of the bigger regional events.