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Ministry of Economywww.economy.gov.skMinister: Ľubomír Jahnátek

Ministry of Economy
Minister: Ľubomír Jahnátek

Slovak Automotive Industry Association (ZAP)
Chairman: Jozef Uhrík

Slovak Society of Automotive Engineers (SAITS)
Chairman: Ján Lešinský

Guild of Car Sellers and Service Enterprises of Slovakia(CPASR)
Chairman: Július Hron

Top stories

Námestie Slobody square closer to facelift Photo

The Bratislava city council wants to revitalise the square by the end of 2018

The winning project for revitalisation of Námestie Slobody square

Slovak hockey league will not rest during Olympics

Unlike the Slovak premiere hockey league, Swiss, German and Russian leagues will take a break during the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Ice hockey is popular in Slovakia

Disputed fee for preferential treatment at doctors to be re-introduced

Patients unwilling to wait at the doctor’s office may be able to make appointments starting next year, for a fee of €50.

Waiting rooms are full of patients, illustrative stock photo

Gilden: Take the negative and make a positive from it Photo

The works of New York native, photographer Bruce Gilden, who has worked for five decades in the streets of the biggest cities, are on exhibit in the Kunsthalle (House of Arts) in Bratislava.

Bruce Gilden: Feast of San Gennero, Little Italy, 1984.