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Cars produced in Slovakia in 2008: 575,776 (up by 4,705 compared to 2007)

Cars produced in Slovakia in 2008: 575,776 (up by 4,705 compared to 2007)

Automotive industry revenues in 2008: €19.71 billion (a fall of approximately 5 percent from 2007)

Share of the overall volume of industrial production in 2008: more than 32 percent

Number of employees in the car industry at the end of 2008: approximately 74,000 (of whom about 14,000 were employed directly by major car manufacturers Kia, PSA and Volkswagen)

Average price of motor fuels on April 14: Diesel: €1.050 per litre Petrol (98-octane): €1.147 per litre

Source: Book of Lists, The Slovak Spectator, SITA

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25 years on, most Czechs and Slovaks still oppose their breakup

More than two thirds of Czechs and Slovaks still believe there should have been a referendum on the division of their common state in 1992.

Vladimír Mečiar (L) and Václav Havel discuss the division of Czechoslovakia in 1992. There was no referendum to support the decision.

No new nuclear power plant planned

The state postpones the construction of a new utility in Jaslovské Bohunice, claiming there is no need for it.

Mochovce nuclear power plant

Parties only protect their market share

Rent seeking behavior and a code of loyalty are not the ways to operate a successful democratic political party.

Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák

Skyline over Jaslovské Bohunice is changing

The four cooling towers are expected to be removed until the end of 2018.

State in mid-December 2017