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Institutions and organisations

Ministry of Financewww.finance.gov.skMinister: Ján Počiatek

Ministry of Finance
Minister: Ján Počiatek

National Bank of Slovakia (NBS)
Governor: Ivan Šramko

Slovak Banking Association
President: Igor Vida

Association of Leasing Companies of Slovakia
President: Juraj Ebringer

Topic: Finances and Advisory

Top stories

Press freedom is bleeding across our borders

Critical media are always the first targets of populists and press freedom enemies.

I have met dozens of people possessed by Satan, exorcist claims

An exorcist can help a believer to escape their problems but not to solve them, psychiatrist Hunčík says.

Priest and exorcist Ľuboš Václavek consecrates the office of Erika Jurinová (OĽaNO).

End of investigative show a cause for concern

Media freedom watchdogs believe the scrapping of the only investigative show on public-service television is a threat to its independence.

Jaroslav Rezník

Slovakia is 26th on the Employment Flexibility Index

Higher work surcharges will push Slovakia down.