Belgian companies in Slovakia

Bekaert, www.bekaert.comCESAM, www.cesam.skČSOB Banka, www.csob.skDexia Banka, www.dexia.skEIC Group, www.eastic.skORAC Décor, www.oracdecor.skPorthus, www.porthus.skVGD, www.vgd.skVMA Slovakia, www.vma.beTopcom, www.topcom.netSource: The Slovak Spectator database

ČSOB Banka,
Dexia Banka,
EIC Group,
ORAC Décor,
VMA Slovakia,
Source: The Slovak Spectator database

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In 2020, the National Cybersecurity Centre was involved in investigating 450 ransom attacks.

North Koreans and Russians. How did hackers target Slovakia?

The security authority reported hundreds of attacks over the past year.

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News digest: Third wave is coming. President urges people to get vaccinated

President and the Catholic bishops encourage people to get Covid vaccine. More foreign countries classify Slovakia as green. Cabinet apologises for the infamous Moldava raid.

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First Delta variant confirmed in Slovakia

The labs confirmed the strain in a positive sample from a person who returned from Russia.

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One euro for every comment. Slovak company turns hate into love on social media

The first such campaign in Slovakia, though quite a popular technique abroad.

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