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Belgian companies in Slovakia

Bekaert, www.bekaert.comCESAM, www.cesam.skČSOB Banka, www.csob.skDexia Banka, www.dexia.skEIC Group, www.eastic.skORAC Décor, www.oracdecor.skPorthus, www.porthus.skVGD, www.vgd.skVMA Slovakia, www.vma.beTopcom, www.topcom.netSource: The Slovak Spectator database

Bekaert, www.bekaert.com
CESAM, www.cesam.sk
ČSOB Banka, www.csob.sk
Dexia Banka, www.dexia.sk
EIC Group, www.eastic.sk
ORAC Décor, www.oracdecor.sk
Porthus, www.porthus.sk
VGD, www.vgd.sk
VMA Slovakia, www.vma.be
Topcom, www.topcom.net
Source: The Slovak Spectator database

Topic: Foreigners in Slovakia

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According to recent hoaxes published online, snow in the Sahara disproves global warming and milk can block airways.

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