Spectator on facebook

Spectator on facebook

Some Irish companies in Slovakia

Ballymore, www.ballymore.co.ukCPL Jobs, www.cpljobs.skEasyLink Business Services, www.easylink.skEmerald, www.emerald.skInvesta Consulting Group, www.investa-group.comMurray O' Laoire Architects, www.murrayolaoire.comOdenberg Engineering, www.odenberg.comPPI Adhesive Products, www.ppiadhesiveproducts.com

Ballymore, www.ballymore.co.uk
CPL Jobs, www.cpljobs.sk
EasyLink Business Services, www.easylink.sk
Emerald, www.emerald.sk
Investa Consulting Group, www.investa-group.com
Murray O' Laoire Architects, www.murrayolaoire.com
Odenberg Engineering, www.odenberg.com
PPI Adhesive Products, www.ppiadhesiveproducts.com

Source: The Irish Chamber of Commerce

Topic: Foreigners in Slovakia

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She faced Russian tanks in 1968. Today, she protests again Photo

There are no tanks pointing at us today, says Mária Homolková, who joined protests in SNP Square once again in March 2018 to secure a better life for her grandchildren.

August 21st, 1968: The Warsaw Pact troops, led by the Soviet army, invaded Czechoslovakia .

Kiska appoints Pellegrini cabinet

The president approved the new government, despite some reservations. The new PM promises to investigate the murder of the journalist and his fiancée.

Peter Pellegrini's government

Organisers cancelled the Bratislava protest

But they are ready to monitor the steps of the new government closely and return to streets when necessary.

Andrej Kiska met with the representatives of the For a Decent Slovakia initiative.

What Easter events will be held in Bratislava?

There will be Easter concerts, markets as well as workshops and birdwatching

Easter traditions in Slovakia.