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Slovak foreign minister visits Sarajevo

Slovakia's foreign minister, Miroslav Lajčák, began a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina on Tuesday, September 1.

Slovakia's foreign minister, Miroslav Lajčák, began a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina on Tuesday, September 1.

He was due to discussions with the country's politicians about the reforms that Bosnia and Herzegovina must implement to see its European ambitions become reality. Lajčák is visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina at the invitation of his counterpart, Sven Alkalaj. Slovak Foreign Ministry spokesman Peter Stano said Lajčák would also take part in talks with ambassadors to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Lajčák was to meet the international community's High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Union's special envoy to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Valentin Inzko, who replaced Lajčák in these posts in spring 2009. In his talks with representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lajčák said he would stress that the western Balkans and Bosnia in particular will be the focus of several international forums in the near future.

Compiled by Zuzana Vilikovská from press reports
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