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Organisations and associations

Ministry of Economy

Ministry of Economy


Minister: Ľubomír Jahnátek

Slovak Automotive Industry Association (ZAP)


Chairman: Jozef Uhrík

Slovak Society of Automotive Engineers (SAITS)


Chairman: Ján Lešinský

Guild of Car Sellers and Service Enterprises of Slovakia



Guild of Authorised Processors of Old Vehicles (CAZ)

Chairman: Ľubomír Farenzena

Top stories

Meucci: Italy is not going through a catastrophe

Gabriele Meucci has been serving as the Italian Ambassador to Slovakia since January this year. He says that Slovakia is a haven for Italian investors but recently also for Italians coming here to work.

Italian Ambassador to Slovakia Gabriele Meucci

Discussion about road project becomes emotional

Analysts want more alternatives for the road from Zvolen to Košice to be assessed

The protest at Soroška

Unique discovery proves contact between Great Moravia and Orient Photo

Arabic coin was found at the hillfort of Neštich.

A British athlete will represent Slovakia

Chiara Bunce has already won several medals at British youth championships.

Chiara Bunce