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Institutions and organisations of employees and employers in Slovakia

Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family (MPSVR)

Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family (MPSVR)


Minister: Viera Tomanová

Labour, Social Affairs and Family Office (ÚPSVAR)


Director General: Ján Sihelský

Federation of Employers’ Associations of the Slovak Republic



President: Tomáš Malatinský

National Union of Employers (RÚZ)


President: Marián Jusko

Association of Personnel Agencies of Slovakia (APAS)


President: Ľuboš Sirota

Confederation of Trade Unions of the Slovak Republic (KOZ)


President: Miroslav Gazdík

Employment Institute

-NGO focused on studying problems of employment and



President: Viliam Páleník

Supported Employment Agency (APZ)

-NGO offering specific help to find employment for those in

need, especially the disabled.


Topic: Career and HR

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