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Some IT companies in Slovakia

-Accenture, www.accenture.sk

-Accenture, www.accenture.sk

-Anasoft APR, www.anasoft.sk

-Asseco Slovakia, www.asseco.sk

-DATALAN, www.datalan.sk

-Dell, www.dell.sk

-Eset, www.eset.sk

-Gratex International, www.gratex.sk

-Hewlett-Packard Slovakia, www.hp.sk

-Ixonos Slovakia, www.ixonos.com

-Lenovo, www.lenovo.sk

-Microsoft Slovakia, www.microsoft.sk

-Ness KDC, www.ness.com/sk

-Oracle Slovensko, www.oracle.sk

-SAP Slovensko, www.sap.sk

-Siemens PSE, www.siemens-pse.sk

-Softec, www.softec.sk

-Soitron, www.soitron.sk

-PosAm, www.posam.sk

-QBSW, www.qbsw.sk

-T-Systems, www.t-systems.sk

-2 Ring, www.2ring.sk

Source: Book of Lists, The Slovak Spectator archive and other sources

Compiled by the Spectator team

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