Some Slovak companies which have successfully established themselves worldwide

Aerospool – The roots of the Aerospool company date back to

Aerospool – The roots of the Aerospool company date back to

1990-91, when a team of Prievidza Air Club pilots started work on

a WT3 glider prototype. Using the skills gained they decided to

launch a company through which they could fulfil their dream of

building aeroplanes. The company later moved into the

development and production of ultralight planes; its composite

WT9 Dynamic aeroplane is its biggest project so far.

The company is based at Prievidza Airport, which will host the

2010 FAI World Gliding Championship, of which Aerospool is the

general partner.

Antik computers & communications – This company has been

operating on the market since 1989. It first operated under the

name AFV-Antik. Ten years ago, as Antik computers & com-

munications, it also became also a telecommunications operator.

It has designed its own set-top box connecting PCs with TVs,

which it distributes in a number of countries around the world.

Eset - From its origins as a small company, Eset has evolved into

a global provider of software solutions providing protection and

security for millions of computer users worldwide. The most

well-known Eset product is its antivirus program known by the

abbreviation ‘NOD’.

The first computer viruses attacked disk boot sectors, which are

located at the edge of a disk. An antivirus program could in a

sense be considered a hospital, or ‘nemocnica’ in the Slovak

language. The new antivirus program was thus named

‘Nemocnica na Okraji Disku’ – or ‘NOD’ – which in English

means ‘Hospital at the Edge of the Disk’.

Grand Power – Grand Power, which was established in May 2002,

develops, designs and manufactures firearms and does special

engineering work. Its main product is the K 100 self-loading

pistol and modifications to it. The K 100’s unique design, quality

and price have earned it the appreciation of sport shooters,

armed forces and specialist authorities around the world.

Innovatrics – This company, launched by a student in 2004,

focuses on providing fast, accurate, interoperable and

sensor-independent fingerprint recognition software for

incorporation into final biometric applications. The company

now has clients on every continent except Antarctica, and most

of its clients are in Africa.

Iron Art – In 2004, 10 years after it was launched, Iron Art started

producing wooden shooks for wine barrels. In 2009 it created a

joint trademark, Boswell–Polonyi, with the world leader in

production of wine barrels, T.W. Boswell. Under this trademark

barrique barrels made from European oak harvested from

the forests of Slovakia are being sold to over 20 countries


OMS – This is a privately owned Slovak company, one of the

largest producers of lighting fixtures in central and eastern

Europe. Founded in 1995, it focuses on development, design and

production of interior as well as exterior lighting for offices,

hotels, restaurants, residential areas, warehouses, hospitals and

banks to exterior lighting used in parking lots, highways, football

stadiums and billboards, as well as for illumination of historical

monuments. In addition to its vast product line, OMS also has an

R&D centre.

Spinea – This private engineering company was founded in 1994

and is active in the research, development, production and sale of

high-precision bearing reducers. Spinea’s trademark TwinSpin

bearing reducer is the company’s main product. This original

patented solution represents a new generation of a backlash-free

high-precision reducer with radial-axial bearings implemented

inside a supporting element. These reducers are installed, for

example, in robots serving on the production lines of companies

such as BMW, Volkswagen and Daimler.

Sygic –Sygic develops and sells turn-by-turn voice-guided GPS

navigation for a wide range of mobile devices. It delivers its GPS

software worldwide in more than 20 languages, including

Chinese, Arabic, Farsi, Malay, and nearly every European

language, working together with map providers to support maps

for all regions. Sygic is compatible and cooperates with leading

producers of portable navigation devices and mobile phones and

its navigation software can be also found on iPhones.

Sygic was founded in 2004 with a vision to operate as a strong,

technically oriented company in order to bring innovative

products to the navigation market.

Source: company websites, Hospodárske Noviny daily, Žurnál weekly

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