Industrial parks in Banská Bystrica Region

Industrial parks (Priemyselný park - PP) in hectares (ha):

Industrial parks (Priemyselný park - PP) in hectares (ha):

-PP Majer-Šalková, Banská Bystrica – total area 35.7 ha (of which 8 ha are available)

-PP Brezno Rohozná – total area 55 ha

-PP Detva-Trstená – total area 12 ha

-PP Park Detva – premises of PPS – total area 29 ha (of which 16 ha are available)

-PP Park Vígľaš-Pod Bachtárom – total area 37.8 ha

-PP Krupina Juh – total area 26.6 ha (of which 5.5 ha are available)

-PP Tomášovce – total area 30 ha (of which 20 ha are available)

-PP Lučenec Juh – total area 70.8 ha

-PP Poltár Jelšoviny – total area 24.5 ha

-PP Rimavská Sobota Sever – total area 12 ha (of which 12 ha are available)

-PP Gemer – total area 7.1 ha

-PP Malý Krtíš – total area 22 ha (of which 0.2 ha are available)

-PP Hliník nad Hronom – total area 25 ha (of which 23 ha are available)

-PP Pod Lipou in Žarnovica – total area 18 ha

-PP ZSNP in Žiar nad Hronom – total area 335 ha (of which 10 ha are available)

-PP Hnúšťa – total area 44 ha (of which 38 ha are available)

-PP Kriváň – total area 30 ha (of which 11 ha are available)

-PP Nová Baňa – total area 22 ha (of which 21 ha are available)

-PP Tornaľa – total area 19.8 ha (of which 5.5 ha are available)

Source: SARIO

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