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Only forward-thinking bank possess perception, that long-term investment into education creates a healthy social and business environment.

Only forward-thinking bank possess perception, that long-term investment into education creates a healthy social and business environment.

The quality of universities and the level of their students is usually considered to be a relevant indicator of country maturity. The development of the slovak education system in the past 20 years increased rapidly in terms of quantity. According to the Institute for information and education forecasting, in 1990 there were approximately 9 thousand students who succesfully graduated from Universities in Slovakia. In 2000 this number increased to approximately 19 thousand students and in 2006 this number swelled to around 34 thousand University graduates. Therefore the number of University graduates has increased almost 3,7 times in the last 20 years.

However the number of students is not an indicator of quality of education nor an indicator of its utility in practise. Tatra banka together with Tatra banka foundation therefore started to influence the education process more intensively and focused on working with the most talented students.

Tatra banka has already reached its 5th year of working with the concept of attracting talented university students and graduates via several forms of cooperation with universities. We systematically develop partnerships with universities and aim to improve the quality of education and effectively connect theory with practise.

The most common form of connecting theory taught at universities with the methods practised in the banking industry are trainee programmesTB, professional lectures by our specialists, conferences, consultancy of graduation final works, internships, competitions for students and financial grants.

In 2009 Tatra banka opened internships for 170 students and held 19 professional lectures. Bank specialists acted as consultants on 38 diploma thesis and dedicated their time to the professional growth of 43 trainees. These activities would not be possible without managers, who identify themselves with bank’s vision in the area of education.

Tatra banka cares about the development of its relations with the university environment and supports the improvement of quality of education. Strategic goals were adjusted to fit this role in the area of human resources and in the area of communication and company philanthrophy. The Tatra banka foundation manages its activities to follow this direction, too.

In the past 2 years, Tatra banka foundation organised 13 lectures by international specialists in our universities, enabled almost 50 high-quality students to join study internships in the world’s most prestigious universities and supports the realization of innovative university projects on an annual basis. During 2010 university libraries will receive 18 thousands copies of field specialists publications from Harvard Business School Press thanks to the Tatra banka foundation.

By Petra Nguyenová, HR Specialist, Tatra banka and Andrea Šalingová, CSR Manager,
Tatra banka foundation

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