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We’ve surely heard the so often repeated sentence “For some, crisis may be a way to hell, for others an opportunity.” I believe I could belong to the latter group and therefore I’ve frequently thought about how to grasp such an opportunity and primarily, where to see it or come across it. It’s easier said than done.

We’ve surely heard the so often repeated sentence “For some, crisis may be a way to hell, for others an opportunity.” I believe I could belong to the latter group and therefore I’ve frequently thought about how to grasp such an opportunity and primarily, where to see it or come across it. It’s easier said than done.

It’s not lying on the street, is it? I’ve encountered a number of very interesting and successful people in the course of my life. They had one thing in common. Good education. Undoubtedly they “possessed” a good business sense, ambition,diligence and they’d surely been lucky.
Talking about their success I was often told that “Luck favours those who’re ready” is not an empty phrase but they stressed how importantit is to be at the right time at the right place.
Nothing less and nothing more. Or, in other words, it’s important to have good contacts and
the right information. How simple. But where these contacts and such information can be found?
If I go back to their common denominator, i.e. education, then about three quarters of my friends add to their academic titles also the three - for business - magic letters MBA (Master of Business Administration). I’ve heard of the MBA Senior Executive prestigious managerial programme in the
context of a private university, Brno International Business School (B.I.B.S., a.s.), which has been offering this programme for more than ten years in close collaboration with a renowned British The Nottingham Trent University. Qualities of this private university may be testified to by the fact that it is the largest MBA provider in the Czech Republic and a major MBA provider in Slovakia.

A friend of mine, a physician and successful businessman both in the Czech Republic and abroad got his business degree there. At that time I asked him what he “got out of the MBA programme”. Not considering the title (he has four others), I know he liked two things about B.I.B.S., a.s. which he found different from studying at state schools: 1) networking (meeting top managers from various companies) and 2) focus on strategic management in practice taught according to B.I.B.S. unique concept. He said he definitely hadn’t been bored there. All the knowledge gained in the lessons was directly transformable into practice — a not only in the form of assignments which basically work as
examinations there. In spite of the fact my friend is fluent in several languages; he welcomed the option of studying in Czech. English language lovers, however, will enjoy this place too since they can prepare their papers in English. Currently, he’s even considering continuing in the PhD programme which Brno International Business School offers in collaboration with the Finish University of Jyväskylä. Student loyalty is, however,a typical feature of B.I.B.S. students. This is,undoubtedly, largely due to the comprehensive portfolio of the economic/managerial/legal Programmes offered – ranging from Czech and British Bachelor’s programme (Bc., BA Hons), British Masters programmes (MSc.), prestigious MBA Senior Executive or LLM in Czech Business Law in the European Union to a PhD in Business and Administration. Because of their good experience with B.I.B.S., a.s., a significant number of students then continues with their studies. An advantage of the noted British programmes lies in the fact that they are recognized under the Czech legal system
(in keeping with MEYA) and you are a student and a graduate from a British university - just as if you studied directly in Britain. Thus you obtain a diploma recognized not only in the Czech Republic/Slovakia but also abroad. Masters and managerial programme students have a further advantage. They do not sit regular examinations but prepare assignments. These are something like case studies focused on a particular student’s own practice. Practical focus is the cornerstone for Brno International Business School. The teaching team includes experienced university lecturers who also have extensive experience from practice (professors, docents and associate professors) and also top managers working directly in various sectors – top managers of both large local and international companies. Upon completion of their studies at B.I.B.S., a.s. graduates frequently
seek these lectures out to get advice on various areas of business. B.I.B.S., a.s. provides its
students with another advantage: study texts are included in the price for the course and, above all, a remote/electronic access to international fulltext databases such as Proquest, Business Source Premiér, Emerald and legal text at C.H.Beck’s.
Therefore, B.I.B.S. students have - practically from any location - access to tens of thousands specialised fulltext articles, both Czech and foreign, on economic, managerial and legal topics. Regarding practical information, study courses take place exclusively at weekends. This arrangement
accommodates students’ professional obligations during the week. Courses take place once a month. Both the masters and managerial programmes take two and a half years. With regard to a high number of applicants, in particular for the MBA programme, study groups are open several times a year in Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Bratislava.

If now I were to address the reflexion about crisis listed at the top of this article I’d like to agree with the notion that crisis can set our course in various directions. I, personally, choose the way towards opportunities. Which one will you choose?

The author is a student at Brno International Business School/Nottingham Trent University

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