Vote 2010: Parties running in the election

Order by ballot number

Order by ballot number

1. European Democratic Party (EDS)

Founded: 2009

Chairperson: Antonio Parziale

2. Union – Party for Slovakia (Únia)

Founded: 2010

Leader: Branislav Záhradník

3. Roma Coalition Party (SRK)

Founded: 2009

Chairperson: Gejza Adam

4. Pali’s Kapurková, Merry Political Party

Founded: 2010

Chairperson: Pali Vass

5. Freedom and Solidarity (SaS)

Founded: 2009

Chairperson: Richard Sulík

6. Party of the Democratic Left (SDĽ)

Founded: 2005

Chairperson: Marek Blaha

7. Hungarian Coalition Party (SMK)

Founded: 1998

Chairperson: Pál Csáky

8. People’s Party – Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (HZDS)

Founded: 1991

Chairperson: Vladimír Mečiar

9. Communist Party of Slovakia (KSS)

Founded: 1991

Chairperson: Jozef Hrdlička

10. Slovak National Party (SNS)

Chairperson: Ján Slota

11. New Democracy (ND)

Founded: 2009

Chairperson: Tibor Mikuš

12. Association of Slovak Workers (ZRS)

Chairperson: Ján Ľupták

13. Christian Democratic Movement (KDH)

Founded: 1990

Chairperson: Ján Figeľ

14. People’s Party – Our Slovakia (ĽSNS)

Founded under new name: 2010

Chairperson: Marián Kotleba

15. Slovak Democratic and Christian Union – Democratic Party (SDKÚ)

Founded: 1998

Chairperson: Mikuláš Dzurinda

Election leader: Iveta Radičová

16. Alliance for Europe of the Nations (AZEN)

Founded: 2009

Chairperson: Milan Urbáni

17. Smer – Social Democracy (Smer)

Founded: 1999

Chairperson: Robert Fico

18. Most-Híd

Founded: 2009

Chairperson: Béla Bugár

Sources: Interior Ministry,

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