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Bratislava CONCERT:

CANTORES Minores – The Choir of Boys and Young Men from Helsinki Cathedral will perform a concert on June 9 at 19:00 in the Jesuit Church on Františkánske Square in Bratislava. The choir, founded in 1952, has performed for heads of states, Pope John Paul II, and in renowned churches. Its repertory consists of sacral music by European and Finnish composers from the 12th to the 21st centuries. Admission is free. For more info, call 02/5980-5111, or see


FOLKLORE: Lúčnica – Mladosť a krása – The well-known Slovak folklore ensemble will perform a comprehensive selection of its older, famous choreographies and musical pieces stemming from Slovakia’s peasant, pastoral, and social traditions.

Starts: June 7, 19:00. Istropolis, Veľká sála. Admission: €10-€16. Tel: 02/5293-3321;,


RELIGIOUS MUSIC: Dni starej hudby-Musica religiosa – This year, the Days of Old Music will be dedicated solely to medieval music, especially the Renaissance masters and religious music. It starts on June 1 and runs until June 14, bringing a host of foreign ensembles. The Norwegian singing Trio Mediaeval with percussionist Birger Mistreggen will perform English medieval polyphonic compositions and ancient Norwegian ballads and lullabies.

Starts: June 8, Concert Hall of St. Clare’s Church, 19:00. Admission: free. Info:


EXHIBITION: Kanárske maliarstvo 20. storočia - The City Gallery offers an overview of works by Canary Island painters. Canary Painting of the 20th Century arrives in Bratislava with the support of the Spanish Embassy, Spainart and SEPTENIA.

Open: Tue-Sun 11:00-18:00 until June 20. Mirbach Palace, Františkánske Square 11. Admission: €3. Tel: 02/646-545;



EXHIBITION: Cestou maľby – Going the Way of Painting is the name of the introspective exhibition by Veronika Rónaiová that presents her life and commentary on current society, combining painting with other media.

Open: Fri, Sat, Sun: 14:00-19:00, until June 20. Art Gallery Devín. Admission: free. Tel: 02/6030-0277;


HORSE RACES: Dostihy Topoľčianky – The horse races at Topoľčianky include several kinds of competitions including a steeple-chase, a wicker-fence race and a harness race.

Starts: June 13, 14:00. Admission: €1.40. Tel: 02/6231-0965;,


COUNTRY MUSIC: Dobrofest - The 19th year of this festival is dedicated to John Dopyera, a Trnava-region native inventor of a resophonic guitar called the dobro. It is mainly used in bluegrass and country music.

Starts: June 11-12, 18:00 on Friday to 23:00 on Satur–

day; Town Amphitheatre, Halenárska 20. Admission: €7-€10. Tel: +421-33...; www.dobrofest. sk.




The Old-Town Festivities (Staromestské slávnosti) in Žilina offer, among other events, an exhibition of traditional folklore items made of wicker, called “Upletené z prútia”. The exhibition will be held at the Regional Cultural Centre in Makovický dom until June 18, on workdays from 8:00 to 16:00. For more information, please call 041/5625-956, or see


FOLKLORE/GYPSY MUSIC: Diabolské husle – Ján Berky Mrenica Jr. The Devils’ Violins, an ensemble of the son of the late violinist and master of this folk ensemble, makes a comeback after several years.

Starts: June 13, 19:00. Holiday Inn, Športová 2. Admission: €10-€15. Tel: 02/5293-3321;


EXHIBITION: Ante finem? – This exhibition shows the production of the Art Studio of Free Textile Creation of the Academy of Arts in Bratislava from the 2008/2009 school year under the lead of Eva Cisárová-Mináriková. Eleven young artists offer a review of their work.

Open: Tue-Sat 10:00-17:00, Sun 13:00-17:00 until June 30. Turčiancka galéria, Daxnerova 2. Admission: €0.60-€1.50. Tel: 043/4224-448;



TRADITIONAL MARKET: Prešovský trojičný jarmok a prehliadka skupín historického šermu – The annual Prešov Trinity market and show of historical fencing includes traditional crafts on all three days, musical groups offering folk and modern music, oriental dance, a fire show and much more.

Starts: June 10, 15:30 for cultural programmes, until June 12; other events at 19:00. Pedestrian Zone. Admission: free. Tel: 051/7723-741;


RUN: Beh na chatu pri Zelenom plese na pamiatku Karla Jakeša – The run to the cottage at Zelené pleso (Green Mountain Lake) commemorating K. Jakeš is part of the Slovak Cup 2010. The 7.7-km run has an elevation difference of 666 metres. There are several categories based on gender and age.

Starts: June 12, 10:30. Bus station Kežmarská Biela Voda. Admission: €4 for runners, free for spectators. Tel: 0907/185-618;, www.beh. sk.

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