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Kamenné mystérium / Stone Mystery is a scenic performance at červený Kameň, the castle near Modra that is played every 30 minutes. It brings to life the ancient walls, shows period artefacts and costumes and how they were used in everyday life, and opens up the gates to the visitor’s imagination. For €2.50-€5, visitors can see the enactments on July 17, August 7 and 28, at 19:00 and every 30 minutes thereafter. For more info, please call 033/6905-803, or go to


CLASSICAL MUSIC: The Chrámové koncerty / Church Concerts summer series brings several events in the acoustically perfect setting of the capital’s Franciscan Church. On July 12 the choir and orchestra of Wycombe High School from Great Britain will perform, and on July 19 vocal and instrumental Baroque music will be performed by the Barokový súbor Ungaresca ensemble.

Starts: July 12 and 19, 20:30; Franciscan Church, Fran-tiškánske Square. Admission: free. Tel: 02/5924-6242; www.


JAZZ MUSIC: Laco Déczi and JazzCellula – The Old-Town Cultural Summer will also bring several concerts of jazz music, like this one by famous Slovak trumpeter Laco Déczi, his son, and the Cellula band.

Starts: July 15, 20:30; Musical Courtyard of the Zichy Palace, Ventúrska 9. Admission: €7. Tel: 02/5924-6242; www.staremesto. sk.


LIVE MUSIC: Stelzhamma – Another guest of the Cultural Summer in Bratislava will be this Austrian ethno-folk band, performing traditional and folk songs in a modern way, with irony and swing-like facility.

Starts: July 17, 18:00; under the trees in Hviezdoslavovo Square. Admission: free. Tel: 02/5924-6242;


EXHIBITION: Prelínania / Diffusions is the name of this retrospective exhibition by Slovak painter Dušan Grečner, offering 68 works comprising more than 40 years of creativity.

Open: Tue-Sun 13:00-18:00, until July 25; Michalský dvor gallery, Michalská 3. Admission: free. Tel: 02/5441-1079; www.


EXHIBITION: Two exhibitions, Barter Collection by Veronika Šramatyová and a fashion event, maymay collections by Mária Štraneková can be seen in the SODA gallery. Barter Collection is a series of portraits of Slovak artists created in gouache and then exchanged for a work by the artist portrayed. Maymay collections is a selection by the fashion designer who won the Brillance Fashion Talent award for 2009.

Open: Mon-Fri from 11:30 to 19:00 and on Saturdays from 15:00 to 19:00 until July 31; Konventná 3. Admission: free. Tel: 02/2075-8036; www.soda-

Nové Mesto nad Váhom

MOVING MOVIES: Bažant kinematograf 2010 – This project, using a bus to bring movies to audiences in each and every corner of Slovakia, has now entered its eighth year. This time there are two buses with two different routes; five Slovak and Czech feature films and five short cartoons will combine fun and artistic quality until September 15.

Starts: July 16. More info:



THE 10TH YEAR of the Bačovské dni / Shepherds’ Days being held in the elementary school in Malatiná is an international festival of shepherds’ culture that includes a market of folk crafts, workshops and contests in, for instance, whip-cracking, or for the prettiest lamb. It takes place on July 17 and 18 and will include attractions such as organised trips to the Prosiek valley. For more info, call 043/5864-928 or go to


BRASS MUSIC: The Festival dychovej hudby a mažoretiek / Festival of Brass Music and Majorettes introduces 23 participants, and pays tribute to this popular genre of music and shows that have a tradition in Slovakia.

Starts: July 9 to 16; Centrum voľ. času Spektrum, Hurbanova 28. Admission: free. Tel: 0905/ 333-053, 041/5621-178; www.cvc.

Liptovský Mikuláš

PHOTO EXHIBITION: Maroš Rovňák: Duchovné cvičenia / Spiritual Practices – This exhibition, part of the “Self-Identity” project and of the 14th year of Summer Photo-School, brings photo-cycles from 2006-2009.

Open: Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00, until July 25; Dom fotografie, Tranovského 3. Admission: free. Tel: 0905/288-717; www.domfoto. sk.


Zemplínska Šírava

MUSIC FESTIVAL: The Spiš Showtime Šírava Fest 2010 is now in its fourth year and brings various Slovak artists and thousands of music fans to the shores of the Šírava dam. Acts include Rytmus, Polemic, Kristina, Chinas-ki, Desmod, Peter Cmorík, etc..

Starts: July 22-24 15:00-24:00; municipality of Kaluža. Admission: €7 (Thursday), €8 (Fri, Sat), €20 for the whole event. Tel: 0907/144-660;

Spišská Nová Ves

EXHIBITION: Treffpunkt – This exhibition presents young artists M. Fabián, M. Hric, E. Mikulášová and P. Koyšová, who are connected through their origins and their approach to the phenomenon of painting. Artists closely connected to the Spiš region are the gallery’s priority.

Open: Mon-Fri 8:00-12:00, 12:30-16:00; Sat 9:00-13:00; Sun 12:00-16:00; Galéria umelcov Spiša, Zimná 46. Admission: €0.50-€1. Tel: 053/4464-710; www.

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