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(Source: Courtesy of KZP)



THE CENTRAL European Jazz Connection was put together by Polish pianist Kuba Stankiewicz and apart from him, it includes Czech counterbass player Jaromír Honzak, Hungarian trumpeter Kornél Fekete-Kovács, Slovenian saxophonist Primož Fleischman, Slovak drummer Marián Ševčík and Slovak guitarist Matúš Jakabčic. Jazz is an international language that can nonetheless also include national specifics, as visitors will experience at a concert on Thursday, February 17, in Bratislava’s Klub za Zrkadlom, Rovniankova 3; tickets cost €5-€7. For more information, please visit www.kzp.sk.


MUSICAL: Rámajána – This original Slovak musical, inspired by an ancient Indian epic, combines the story of Prince Rama with modern European culture. Composed by Ľubomír Dolný and choreographed by Mariana Malatincová, it is directed by Igor Šimeg.

Starts: February 15, 10:00 and 19:00; DK Dúbravka, Saratovská 2/A. Admission: €10. Tel: 02/6920-3030; 02/5293 -3321, www.ticketportal.sk, www.ramajana.sk.


BALKAN GYPSY MUSIC: Boban I Marko Markovič Orkestar – The Serbian gypsy tornado Boban, with his son Marko and his band, has already visited and enchanted Slovakia. Now he’s back.

Starts: February 15, 20:00; Majestic Music Club, Kar-patská 2. Admission: €19.90- €25. Tel: 02/5293-3321; www. majestic.sk.


LIVE MUSIC: Krst CD Michal Bugala Group – A new Slovak CD is launched in traditional style with a “krst”, i.e. baptism, offering a combination of jazz and electronic music, supported by DJ Lion Dee.

Starts: February 14, 21:00; Nu Spirit Club, Šafárikovo Square 7. Admission: €5. Tel: 0948/855-449; www. nuspirit.sk.


EXHIBITION: Bratislavské konfrontácie 1961-1965 – The Bratislava Confrontations exhibition presents the works of the members of an informal artists' association (M. Čunderlík, J. Jankovič, R. Fila, J. Kočiš, E. Ovčáček, M. Urbásek, and others) who organised an underground exhibition to compare their works at least among themselves during communism.

Open: Tue-Sat 14:00-18:00 until February 26; Galéria C. Majerníka, Ventúrska 9. Admission: free. Tel: 02/ 5920-1605.


EXHIBITION: Berlin-Yogjakarta – An exhibition organised by the Inakosť (Otherness) initiative highlights the fact that as well as Jews and other ethnic and religious groups and political opponents, the Nazis also persecuted homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals.

Open: Tue-Sun 14:00-19:00 until February 25; OPEN Gallery, Baštová 5. Admission: free. Tel: 02/5441-3316; www. ncsu.sk.


LIVE BLUES: Bonzo & The Resonators – Within the Hudba v meste / Music in the Town concert programme, this performance brings a veteran of the Slovak blues scene to the local audience.

Starts: February 18, 20:00; Corgoň Pub, Pod Hájkom. Admission: €2. Tel: 034/6648- 152; www.hvm.lubosbena.sk.



THE 6TH Slovak Championship in riding the traditional “krne” wooden sleigh, Krňačkové Preteky 2011, also marks the 38th year of the Krížna Prize & STV Cup competition. It takes place at the Turecká ski resort near Banská Bystrica on February 19 and the traditional Slovak “horny” sleighs – made from a single piece of wood, without any nails – are expected to draw visitors from far and wide.

Banská Bystrica

FLAMENCO LIVE: Los Remedios Trio – The Zelené tóny / Green Tones cycle of intimate concerts begins with a performance by the three members of Los Remedios, who play genuine flamenco music combined with other ethnic, world and jazz influences.

Starts: February 20, 16:00; Central Slovak Museum, Thurzov dom, SNP Square 4. Admission: €3.50. Tel: 048/ 4125-897; www.stredoslovenskemuzeum.sk.


EXHIBITION: Oravská drevená plastika / Orava Wood Carving – An exhibition of items from the collection of the Orava Cultural Centre including wooden statues by A. Smoleň, J. Podskalan, S. On-drík, R. Veselý, P. Pohucký, Ľ. Orság, J. Špuler and J. Šeliga.

Open: Weekdays 9:00- 16:00 until March 4; Námestovo House of Culture. Admission: free. Tel: 043/5864- 978; www. osvetadk.sk.



MUSEUM: Kapitoly z dejín odievania / Chapters from the History of Clothing; Portréty panovníkov a šľachty Rakúsko-uhorskej monarchie / Portraits of Emperors and Nobles of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy – These two exhibitions offer an overview of two quite different periods in local history.

Open: Tue-Fri 9:00-17:00, Sun 14:00-18:00 until February 28; Krajské múzeum, Hlavná 86. Admission: €0.60-€2. Tel: 051/7734-708; www.muzeum- presov.sk.


EXHIBITION: Slovensko pomáha / SlovakAid - Slovakia helps – This exhibition shows a selection of pictures from humanitarian projects, together with S čím sa hrajú / What They Play With, an exhibition of original toys of children from the poorest regions of our planet.

Open: Mon-Fri (except Tues) 8:00-19:45, Sat 8:00-13:00 until February 28; Public Library of J. Bocatio, Hviezdoslavova 5. Admission: free. Tel: 055/6225-290; www.vkjb.sk www.fotoklubnova.sk.

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