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(Source: Courtesy of the Slovak Philharmonic)


THE KOMORNÉ dni Johanna Nepomuka Hummela / Chamber Days of J. N. Hummel series will be completed with a concert played by The Pressburger Hummel Ensemble (M. Štefko, founder, piano; R. Mareček, violin; T. Cseh, viola; and V. Verbovská, cello) performing works by Hummel, Franz Liszt and Gustav Mahler. The concert takes place on June 9 at 18:00 in the Mozart Hall of the Austrian Embassy, Ventúrska 10, Bratislava. Admission is free. For more info, please visit

Čechomor - Místečko – The popular Czech -Moravian band playing a mixture of re-made folklore tunes, rock and their own pieces, will present their latest album, Místečko, on which several foreign musicians performed (e.g. Garry Leonard and Tony Levin). The title song, Místečko, was composed by Slovak Ivan Tásler.
Starts: June 10, 20:00; Ate-liér Babylon, SNP Square 14/ Kolárska 3. Admission: €10-€15. Tel: 02/5293-3321, www., www.

Open Factory / Otvorená elektráreň – Power producer Slovenské Elektrárne organises a series of Open Days for the public to visit various power plants. Contact the Enel group (owner of SE) in advance to arrange a visit.
Starts: June 11, from 10:00; Gabčíkovo hydo-power plant. Admission: free (after arrangement in advance). Email: More info:

Utópie 70. a 80. rokov v kresbách a projektoch J. Bahnu, A. Gürtlera a F. Kalesného / Utopias of the 1970s and 1980s in the drawings and designs of J. Banha, A. Gürtler and F. Kalesný.
Open: On weekdays 11:00- 17:00 until June 17; Galéria architektúry SAS, Balassa Pa-lace, Panská 15. Admission: free. Tel: 02/5443-1078; www.

Umenie reštaurovania II / The Art of Restoring II – This exhibition presents the work of the Chamber of Restorers of various precious items forming the gems of Slovak cultural heritage between the years 2000 and 2010.
Open: Tue-Sun 11:00-18:00 until June 19; Mirbach Palace of the Bratislava City Gallery, Františkánske Square 11. Admission: €2-€4. Tel: 02/5443- 1556-8;

Manuál pre dokonalého diváka / Handbook for a Perfect Visitor – This exhibition, comprising works by P. Barenyi, E. Devečková, M. Sedlačíková, and V. Šramatyová, explores the connection between gallery as exhibition space and visitor as preceptor and observer.
Open: Tue-Sun 10:00-18:00 until June 19; Nitrianska
galéria, Župné Square 3.
Admission: €0.35-€0.70.
Tel: 037/6579 - 641/2/3; www.


Banská Bystrica
OZVENY hradných múrov / Echoes of Castle Walls is a festival of bagpipe music from medieval times to the present day. It is meant to link the Barbakan castle in Banská Bystrica and the castle of Slovenská Ľupča (and several venues like Slovenská Ľupča's pub, local churches, etc.) between Friday, June 10, and Sunday, June 12. Apart from Slovak musicians, British, Scottish, Polish and Czech pipers will attend. For more information, please visit ozveny.m-arq-sk.

Banská Bystrica
Bohémiens - Novodobá Cinka Panna / The Contemporary Cinka Panna – The band plays a mixture of Roma music with hints of ethno, soft jazz, Balkan rhythms and modern influences. The primáška – the first violinist in traditional folk music, and this time a female one – is Barbora Boto-šová, granddaughter of late Roma soloist and band leader Ján Berky Mrenica Sr.
Starts: June 7, 19:00; City Hall, SNP Square 1. Admission: €4-€6. Tel: 048/4155-085;, www.

1. ročník pivno-turistického pochodu Šariš Zvolenská 12tka / The 1st Year of the Beer-Hiking March Šariš: the Zvolen 12 – The light-hearted tour named after a beer (Šariš) will encourage people to combine two popular activities. The band (Never Back), historical fencing shows and Oriental dancers (VirFortis), and RockFor band will enliven activities afterwards.
Starts: June 11, 9:00 at dopravné ihrisko (traffic-simulating playground) under Zvolen Castle, from 16:00 there will be cultural programme. Admission for not registered: €1. More info: www.


Lúčnica - Mladosť a krása / Youth and Beauty – Another evening of the successful programme shown by renowned folklore ensemble Lúčnica, combining older hits with new arrangements.
Starts: June 6, 19:00; Town Cultural Centre, Námestie osloboditeľov 25. Admission: €11. Tel: 02/5293-3321, www.

Bratislavské jazzové dni v Košiciach-Jar 2011 / Bratislava Jazz Days in Košice-Spring 2011 – The series of jazz concerts will this time bring Slovak female musicians Hanka Gregušová with band and Katka Koščová; and the Matt Bianco formation from UK. All of them bring a vivid, pop-bordering type of jazz that comprises other kinds of music as well.
Starts: June 10, 19:00, Infiniti Arena, Pri jazdiarni 1. Admission: €14-€16 (on the day of the concert). Tel: 02/5293- 3321,

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