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Some Irish companies in Slovakia

Ballymore, www.ballymore.co.uk

Ballymore, www.ballymore.co.uk

CPL Jobs, www.cpljobs.sk

Grafton Recruitment, www.grafton.sk

Odenberg Engineering, www.odenberg.com

PPI Adhesive Products, www.ppiadhesiveproducts.com

Silcotec Europe, www.silcoteceurope.com

Source: Irish Chamber of Commerce

Topic: Foreigners in Slovakia

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Voters’ indifference affects regional votes - Can Slovaks be lured back from Britain? - Petit Press majority owner dies

Babiš did not re-write the past

Constitutional Court decided in favour of National Memory Institute which included Andrej Babiš in its list of communist secret service confindants.

Slovak-born Czech Finance Minister Andrej Babiš

Fico wants state airline company

The Slovak National Party came up with the idea last year

The airport in Poprad below the High Tatras.

First natural cemetery opens in Zvolen Photo

The aim of the project is to create a place where respect for the deceased and respect for nature interconnect.