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BRATISLAVSKÉ módne dni / Bratislava Fashion Days brings inspiration for the autumn/winter season, presenting designers Zlatica Hujbertová (winner of the New Faces project), Jana Pištejová, Veronika Hložníková, Paulína Polonyová, Iveta Lederer, Katarína Halásová, Lukáš Kimlička, and Czech designers Libor Komosný and Denisa Nová. On October 24-26, fashion shows at the Holiday Inn Bratislava, Bajkalská 25/A, will offer the best in the latest fashion trends and ideas. For more information, please go to Tickets can be purchased through This photo is from the spring event.


LITERARY VOYAGE: Literature In Flux – A voyage on board a literary boat along the Danube River, from Ruse (Bulgaria) to Vienna, arrives in Bratislava, bringing a panel discussion, recital of prose and poetry, and a reading night. The countries exchanging literary experiences via the voyage are Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria.

Events: Oct 24 18:00 (Goethe Institut); Oct 25 15:00, 18:00, 19:30 (boat). The boat, the MS Stadt Wien, will be anchored at Pontoon 15, close to the Old Bridge. Admission: free. Tel: 004930/ 9788-2578;


DANCE SHOW: Lord of the Dance – The famous dance show, combining classical Irish dance and the innovative choreography of Michael Flatley, returns to Slovakia.

Starts: Oct 24, 20:00; NTC Sibamac Aréna, Príkopova 6. Admission: €27-€50. Tel: 02/ 5293-3321;



CLASSICAL MUSIC: Cantico delle Creature – This concert of modern classical music will present the works of young Slovak composer Lukáš Borzík, and includes the multi-media work Cantico delle Creature. The concert will feature the Quasars Ensemble and soloists Eva Šušková (soprano), Angelika Zajícová (alto), Maroš Klátik (tenor) and Matúš Trávniček (bass).

Starts: Oct 26, 19:00; Dvorana concert hall, VŠMU, Zo-chova 1. Admission: free. More info:



EXHIBITION: Jiří Thýn Basic Studies – This exhibition by the Czech artist, curated by K. Uhlířová, goes under the surface of photography with the help of photo-grams, installations and videos.

Open: Tue-Sun 14:00 -19:00 until Oct 30; OPEN gallery, Baštová 5. Admission: free. More info:


EXHIBITON: Alternatívna slovenská grafika / Alternative Slovak Graphic Art – A retrospective exhibition of Slovak graphic art since the end of the 1950s including works by Marián Čunderlík, Miloš Urbásek, Július Koller, Jana Želibská, Dezider Tóth, Daniel Fischer, Otis Laubert, Marián Mudroch, Vladmír Havrilla, Peter Kalmus, Milan Sokol, Blažej Baláž, Erik Binder, Marek Kvetán, Svätopluk Mikyta and others, is curated by A. Vrbanová.

Open: Tue-Sat 14:00-18:00 until Nov 5; Galéria Cypriána Majerníka, Ventúrska 9. Admission: free. Tel: 02/5920 -1605.


EXHIBITION: Scanning – Jana Hojstričová presents her photographs and Pavol Mach his suspended glass objects in a combined exhibition, a unique project combining two different art genres.

Open: Tue-Sun 13:00-18:00 until Nov 2; Galéria NOVA, Baštová 2. Admission: free. Tel: 02/5443-3039; www.



Longital & Zapaska 2 X 2 Tour is a joint tour across the Czech Republic and Slovakia by Longital, a well-known alternative rock and electronic band from Slovakia, and Zapaska, a duo from Ukraine. On October 26, at 20:00, they will play in the Stanica Záriečie cultural venue in Žilina, at Závodská cesta 3. Tickets cost €3-€5. For more information, go to, and


LIVE MUSIC: Cigánski diabli s Vanessou / Gypsy Devils with Vanessa – This Gypsy band has earned much fame since it formed in 1993, bringing new and bold arrangements to famous, popular, and sometimes folk musical pieces.

Starts: Oct 27, 19:00; Palace Cinema, Sliač Spa. Admission: €8-€10. Tel: 045/5442-202;


EXHIBITION: Tváre ľudí stratených / Faces of People Lost – An exhibition of black-and-white photographs that brings together portraits of ‘lost people’ in the beautiful setting of Zvolen Castle.

Open: Tue-Sun 10:00-17:30 until Oct 30; Zvolen Castle, SNP Square 1. Admission: €0.80-€3.30. Tel: 045/5321-903;



MUSICAL FUSION: Prešov-ská hudobná jeseň – Within the 45th year of the Prešov Musical Autumn series, the Con tu Amor, Igor Kucer & Emotion Group project, combines classical music with jazz and pop. The performers include Igor Kucer (tenor), and the Emotion Group (O. Micik on guitar, M. Ferenčík on piano, P. Hajduk on bass and M. Janočko on drums).

Starts: Oct 26, 19:00; PKO Čierny orol, Hlavná 50. Admission: €1-€4. Tel: 051/7723 -741/2;


FOR CHILDREN: Halloween 2011 – An event for children presenting the tradition of Halloween, its characters and myths. Children who come in a mask can compete for various prizes.

Starts: Oct 27, 16:00; OC Ga-léria shopping centre, Toryská 5. Admission: free. More info:

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