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External financing

Once again high on the agenda-Due to recent developments in the economic situation generating instability and potential stagnation in some European countries, pressure on production costs and pricing is currently high.

(Source: Courtesy of PNO SK s.r.o.)

Once again high on the agenda
Due to recent developments in the economic situation generating instability and potential stagnation in some European countries, pressure on production costs and pricing is currently high.

With the current programme period coming to an end in 2013, an opportunity to receive funding from structural funds is now more than worthwhile. Besides structural funds, the Slovak grant landscape also includes regional and European programmes, which provide promising sources for cofinancing projects. This offers a great opportunity not only to strengthen the competitiveness of companies in the market through the receipt of financial contributions, but also to establish effective networking and cooperation with potential strategic partners on the European level.

In the competitive European and World economies maintaining a company’s competitive edge demands continuous strategic attention. Accelerating the time-tomarket and improving company development and cost leadership are key topics of discussion in every board room. The programme Eurostars supports small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to invest in innovation processes and as such provides a vital stimuli for SMEs to lead international collaborative research and innovation projects for new services, products and processes.
An important trend that companies are facing nowadays is the increased pressure to introduce eco-friendly products manufactured using clean technology. Before introducing these products to the market companies need to bridge the gap between R&D and readyto-market products. The programme ECO-innovation helps to bridge this gap. Examples of fundable projects within ECO-innovation include materials recycling, sustainable construction, food & drink industrial processes, green business & smart purchasing.
Gaining access to and utilizing attractive public funding opportunities requires experience and expertise. That is why more and more organizations prefer to hire independent grant experts who facilitate the whole process of identifying, obtaining and managing grants tailored to the company´s needs.

By Lucia Solomon, Country Manager,PNO SK s.r.o.

PNO CEE is Europe’s leading independent grants consultancy company operating in Central
Eastern Europe with partner offices in all European countries. PNO CEE can deliver high quality services wherever the client’s business is located (or is intended to be located).
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