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(Source: Jaroslav Ondruš)


SLOVAK a capella band Fragile gives a Christmas concert with guests Jana Kirschner, Peter Cmorík, Patrícia Janečková and Lukáš Adamec, plus the Oskar Rózsa band and a chamber orchestra, on December 15 at 19:00 in Bratislava’s Pasienky Sports Hall, Trnavská 29. It will play Christmas hits in original arrangements as well as several original pieces. Tickets cost €12-€25 and can be bought through www.ticketportal.sk. For more information, please go to www.fragile.sk.

Gipsy Way – Young Czech violinist Pavel Šporcl has joined forces with Roma ensemble Romano Stilo not only to produce an album, but also to give a concert comprising both classical (Brahms, Bach, Khachaturian, Monti) and ethno music.
Starts: Dec 13, 19:00; Big Hall, Istropolis Centre, Tr-navské mýto 1. Admission: €15-€25. Tel: 02/5293-3321; www.ticketportal.sk.

Neve giľa / New Roma Songs – The most recent musicology project by Jana Belišová explores new Roma music, so-called Rom-pop, as a follow-up to her research on ancient Roma songs. This concert is performed by the Romka band.
Starts: Dec 17, 19:00; KC Dunaj, Nedbalova 3. Admission: €3. Tel: 0940/820-659; www.kcdunaj.sk.

Adventné pastorále / Advent Pastorale – The inaugural year of this multi-genre project brings, on the last Sunday before Christmas, a Christmas concert by Lucia Lužinská & the All Time Jazz band in the romantic environment of the Baroque Courtyard of the University Library in Bratislava.
Starts: Dec 18, 19:00; Baroque Courtyard of UKB, Ventúrska 11. Admission: tickets are free, but limited, and can be acquired on Mon, Tue and Wed from the Exhibition Hall of the University Library, Michalská 1, or one hour before the performance at the entrance to the courtyard. Tel: 02/2046-6105; www.ulib.sk.

Vianočný ateliér / Christmas Atelier – This artistic and commercial event sells original works by Slovak artists, as exhibited at the Slovak Union of Visual Arts’ gallery to the wider public.
Open: daily 12:00-18:00 until Dec 18; Slovenská výtvarná únia gallery, Dostojevského rad 1. Admission: free. Tel: 02/5296-2402; www.svu.sk.


Banská Bystrica
THE CULTURE and Leisure Park (PKO) in Banská Bystrica is organising a series of Advent and Christmas events in December, including concerts, poetry readings and performances of carols and traditional ceremonies. On Friday, December 16, at 16:30, the Starohorský banícky spevokol Haliar, a miners' choir from nearby Staré Hory, will perform Christmas songs at a concert in SNP Square, free for the public. More information can be found at www.pkobb.sk.

Modrý Kameň
Rockové Vianoce / Rock Christmas – Comprising music not traditionally regarded as seasonal, this event offers local bands like Zoči Voči, the Shed, Humana, Forma and Metallica cover band Intrepid, with a rock disco continuing long into the night.
Starts: Dec 16, 19:00; Modrý Kameň House of Culture. Admission: €4-€5. Tel: 02/5293 -3321;

Rimavská Sobota
Rymoa Zumbota – This exhibition in the local museum displays a collection of artefacts dating back to the Middle Ages and early modern period, when this town was known as Rymoa Zumbota. It features typical pottery, glass items, tiles with portraits of St Peter and heraldic symbols, and more.
Open: Mon-Fri 8:00-16:00 until Feb 28; Gemersko-malohontské múzeum, M. Tompa Square 5. Admission: €1-€2. Tel: 047/5632-741; www.gmmuzuem.sk.


Adventný organový koncert / Advent Organ Concert – Organist Štefan Iľaš and soprano Zuzana Orlovská will perform works by Bach, Händel, Léon Boellmann, John Francis Wade and César Franck.
Starts: Dec 16, 19:00; Evangelical Church, Fraňa Kráľa Street 7. Admission: free. Tel: 056/6423-502; www. msksmi.eu.

Vinšujeme vám / We Wish You – The folklore band and choir of the SĽUK professional ensemble present Christmas music typical for Slovaks and numerous local ethnic minorities. The performance will be enlivened by use of folk instruments typical for the festive season, such as whistles, cow- and sheep-bells, jingle bells and the 5-metre-long fujara trombita.
Starts: Dec 13, 19:00; Theatre Hall of the House of Culture, Štefánikova 99/72. Admission: €8 (in advance) - €10 (on the door). Tel: 052/7722-255; www.poprad.sk/ dom-kultury.

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