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RODENT EXPO is an exhibition of rats, this year enhanced with a section featuring guinea pigs and other rodents. Part of the event, which takes place on March 24 from 10:00 to 16:00 in the Karlova Ves House of Culture, Molecova 2 in Bratislava, is the Exchange Fairs, offering an opportunity to purchase and sell animals, fodder, products, and more. There will also be lectures and competitions for the wider public.

Jenúfa – This famous opera by Czech composer Leoš Janáček was originally staged under the name Jej pastorkyňa (Her Stepdaughter) in Bohemia, but worldwide it is better known under the name Jenúfa. As one of the three most-produced Czech operas, it represents a typical work of realism and emotive expression, and focuses on sounds characteristic of Janáček’s later works, inspired by Moravian folk songs. It premieres at the Slovak National Theatre.
Starts: March 23 and 24, 19:00; SND new building, Pribinova 17. Admission: €10-€35. Tel: 02/2047-2299;

Livin’ Blues 2012 – The 20th year of this international festival of blues and rhythm’n’blues brings a host of representatives of the genre: Octopus, Žalman Brothers Band, Jerguš Oravec & Roman Mečiar, Silvia Josifoska Blues Band, René Lacko & Downtown Band, Veteráni zo salón Doré featuring Boboš, Dura and Kroko, and Wanda Johnson & Shrimp City Slim (from the USA).
Starts: March 24, 16:30; DK Lúky House of Culture, Vígľašská 1. Admission: €11 (in advance) - €13 (on the door). Tel: 0910/407-930, 02/6382-3930;

Prehliadka indonézskeho filmu – This two-day screening of Indonesian films will begin with an opening ceremony including a traditional Balinese dance called Paneybrama, and then Sang Pencerah will be screened on March 20 and Merah Putih on March 21, both with English subtitles and Slovak dubbing.
Starts: March 20 (18:00) and 21 (17:30); Mladosť cinema, Hviezdoslavovo Square 14. Admission: free. Tel: 02/5443-5003;

Le Grand House – This dance event offers DJs like Inpetto (Germany), Laddy M and Charlie Clubber (Slovakia), Chris Drifter (Hungary), Bon Finix (Czech Republic), Oliver (Hungary), and Wayne (Czech Republic).
Starts: March 23, 21:00-6:00; Majestic Music Club (MMC), Karpatská 2. Admission: €7-€9, VIP tickets €18. More info:,

Cena Sebastian za 2010-2011– The Sebastian Award for 2010-2011 – On the 327th anniversary of Johann Sebastian Bach’s birthday, the award praising special contributions and credit to his heritage will be given, accompanied by a concert of his works as performed by laureates of his prize.
Starts: March 21, 18:00; Malý evanjelický kostol (Small Evangelical Church), Panenská Street. Admission: voluntary. More info:

Sanyland – Slovak musicians around the song-maker Slávo “Sany” Grék, including “new face of jazz laureate” Zuzana Mikulcová, merge jazz, blues, funky, world music into a specific cocktail.
Starts: March 19, 19:00; Loď Café/Divadlo v podpalubí, Tyršovo embankment of Danube. Admisison: €7. Tel: 0903/449-650;

Club Fight – The Club Fight has developed into duels of DJs; this time, Karaoke Tundra will face Foolk, Isobutane vs. Teapot, Biomat vs. Inso, Future Sound of Petržalka vs Borovička za euro.
Starts: March 23, 21:00; KC Dunaj, Nedbalova 3. Admission: €7. More info:

Laco Teren, Táňa Hojčová - “We’re All Together For the First Time Again” – This project brings together Teren, a Slovak painter, Hojčová, a Slovak photographer, Jiří Olič, a Czech writer, and Frank Winter (aka Andy Hillard), an Englishman who has lived in Bratislava for eight years, in a unique combination of different arts and expressions.
Open: weekdays 10:00-17:00 until April 5; Gallery of the French Institute, Sedlárska 7. Admission: free. More info:,

PaCoRa Trio – Within the Nitra Musical Spring, three musicians (Slovak Stanislav Palúch on violin, Moldovan-Slovak Marcel Comendant on cimbalom, and Slovak Róbert Ragan on double bass) play a special mixture of folk, world, jazz and ethno music.
Starts: March 25, 18:00; Synagogue, Pri synagóge 3. Admission: €2-€4. Tel: 037/6528-729;,


Aurel Fábri, a native of Vráble, spent two years on a business stay in China where, in his free time, he studied the portrayal of traditional local culture in drawings and photographs. An exhibition showing his perception of this Asian country can be seen in the Exhibition Hall (Výstavná sieň) of the Stoličný dom in Vráble, weekdays from 10:00 to 16:00 until April 12. More information can be found at

Krížová cesta - Via Dolorosa – After a success in Bratislava (and, earlier, in Germany), German-based Slovak mime Milan Sládek will perform his interpretation of the suffering of Jesus Christ, accompanied by texts read by Štefan Bučko and music by Marcel Dupré.
Starts: March 23 (18:00) in the Church of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows in Žilina-Vlčince, March 24 (18:00) in the Church of St John the Baptist in Vrútky. Admission: €5 (Žilina) and €7 (Vrútky). 0910/453-140,; 043/4281-429,

Ento-terra – This traditional market of insects and terrarium pets also includes a sale of tools and products, and a cockroach race.
Starts: March 24, 8:00-12:00; dining hall of the OSBM Martin-Sever, Kozmonautov 35. Admission: €0.50-€1. Tel: 0907/576-175;

Banská Bystrica
Finále súťaže vo frankofónnej piesni – The Month of Francophony includes also a song contest which culminates in finals after regional rounds in Banská Bystrica, Bratislava and Prešov have been concluded. Winners will represent Slovakia at Festival de la Clé d’or in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Starts: March 23, 13:00; J. L. Bella Conservatory, Skuteckého 27. Admission: free. More info:


Stropkovská hudobná liga – The 4th year of the Stropkov Musical League culminates in a competition between bands playing various genres from all over Slovakia. An expert jury has chosen 7 finalists, while the eighth was picked by an internet vote. The winning band will be offered production of an album, video, website, promotion and more.
Starts: March 23, 15:00; Theatre Hall, Nový riadok 326/1. Admission: €5 (in advance) - €6 (on the door). Tel: 054/4868-892;

Kolowrat – Within the Jeden svet / One World festival, this well-known local band will introduce their new bassist.
Starts: March 23, 20:30; Tabačka Kulturfabrik, Gorkého 2. Admission: €3. More info:

Tereza a jej deti – Tereza and her Children – Chamber concert of Poprad children violinists who will play Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Rachmaninov, Shostakovich, Fritz Kreisler, César Franck, Myroslav Skoryk, and Max Bruch.
Starts: March 25, 17:00; Tatranská galleria /Tatra Gallery, Hviezdoslavova 341/12. Admission: €1. Tel: 052/7721-968;

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