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Slovak athletes participating in the 2012 Olympic Games in London

Athletics (11 athletes):1. Matej Tóth (50km race walk)2. Miloš Bátovský (50km race walk)3. Lucia Klocová (800m, 1500m)4. Dana Velďáková (triple jump)5. Michal Kabelka (high jump)6. Martina Hrašnová (hammer throw)7. Mária Czaková (20km race walk)8. Anton Kučmín (20km race walk)9. Katarína Berešová (marathon)10. Marcel Lomnický (hammer throw)11. Jana Velďáková (long jump)

Athletics (11 athletes):
1. Matej Tóth (50km race walk)
2. Miloš Bátovský (50km race walk)
3. Lucia Klocová (800m, 1500m)
4. Dana Velďáková (triple jump)
5. Michal Kabelka (high jump)
6. Martina Hrašnová (hammer throw)
7. Mária Czaková (20km race walk)
8. Anton Kučmín (20km race walk)
9. Katarína Berešová (marathon)
10. Marcel Lomnický (hammer throw)
11. Jana Velďáková (long jump)

Badminton (1):
12. Monika Fašungová

Cycling – Road (1):
13. Peter Sagan

Judo (1):
14. Milan Randl (-90kg)

Gymnastics – Artistic (2):
15. Samuel Piasecký (parallel bars, horizontal bar)
16. Mária Homolová (individual all-round, maybe finalist in individual apparatus)

Canoe – Sprint (8):
17. Erik Vlček (kayak four (K4) 1000m, kayak double (K2) – 1000m)
18. Peter Gelle (K4 1000m, K4 1000m)
19. Martin Jankovec (K4 1000m)
20. Juraj Tarr (K4 1000m)
21. Marek Krajčovič (K1 1000m)
22. Martina Kohlová (K1 200m, K2 500m)
23. Ivana Kmeťová (K2 500m)
24. Ľubomír Hagara (C1 200m)

Swimming (5):
25. Denisa Smolenová (100m and 200m butterfly)
26. Tomáš Klobučník (200m breaststroke)
27. Katarína Filová (100m and 200m freestyle)
28. Miroslava Syllabová (50m freestyle)
29. Katarína Listopadová (200m individual medley)

Shooting (7):
30. Zuzana Štefečeková (trap)
31. Danka Barteková (skeet)
32. Jozef Gönci (rifle disciplines - 50m rifle prone, 50m rifle 3 positions, 10m air rifle)
33. Juraj Tužinský (pistol disciplines – 50m pistol,10m air pistol)
34. Pavol Kopp (pistol disciplines – 50m pistol, 10m air pistol)
35. Daniela Pešková (rifle disciplines - 50m rifle 3 positions, 10m air rifle)
36. Erik Varga (trap)

Tennis (4):
37. Dominika Cibulková
38. Daniela Hantuchová
39. Martin Kližan
40. Lukáš Lacko

Triathlon (1):
41. Richard Varga

Canoe – Slalom (4):
42. Pavol Hochschorner (canoe double (C2))
43. Peter Hochschorner (C2)
44. Jana Dukátová (kayak (K1))
45. Michal Martikán (canoe single (C1))

Weightlifting (1):
46. Martin Tešovič (105kg)

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